Coordinated Mayhem?

The media embargo that held in the face of two years of "wilding" incidents, only to break down when Shortshanks left office, doesn't seem to be holding up very well in the post-Shanks era. WLS-AM 890 has an entire article up questioning what really happened on the beach Monday:
  • Was it a flash mob that forced the closure of North Avenue beach on Memorial Day?Chicago Police News Affairs released a statement saying they had to close the beach for safety reasons, as people were suffering heat exhaustion and emergency vehicles couldn't get through to help. But, WLS listeners say there was what they called a "large gangbanger element" at the Oak Street and North Avenue beaches.

    Listeners report being at the beach, and seeing dozens of gang bangers pushing people off their bikes. Another listener says those causing havoc were not dressed for the beach and looked like "bad elements."

    [...] Chicago Police are denying that a flash mob intent on causing havoc forced the closure of the North Avenue beach on Memorial Day Monday.
Well of course News Affairs is denying it was a "flash mob." Flash mobs are usually happy people. These are thugs intent on mayhem. Unfortunately for News Affairs, Chicago seems to have been part of a larger effort. If you hop over to The Drudge Report, numerous cities appear to have been targets of a nationwide coordinated effort:
  • [Boston] - Fights broke out among rival gang members on Carson Beach in South Boston yesterday and spilled out across the city, triggering a massive law enforcement response from at least five agencies to stem the violence.
  • [Nashville] -NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nearly two dozen police officers were called out to Wave Country on Monday afternoon after large crowds of people became unruly. The disturbance forced park managers to close the facility two hours early on Memorial Day.
  • [Charlotte] - CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Questions continue to swirl as investigators search for whoever fired shots during one of many fights in uptown Charlotte early Sunday.
  • [Long Island] - LONG BEACH, N.Y. - A Long Island police department says it had to call for backup to quell a beach melee involving hundreds of people that spilled out onto the streets and a nearby bus depot.
  • [Rochester] - Rochester, N.Y. – A busy Memorial Day evening at the beach ended abruptly when fights broke out among at least 100 youth.
  • [Miami] - The police shooting that killed one, wounded four bystanders and shocked South Beach over the holiday weekend may be the death knell for Urban Beach Week.
So who is everyone going to believe about this weekend? The media, which insists that the summer heat (that occurs every year in Chicago) led the police department to shut down an entire stretch of beaches when there's a giant cooling lake just inches away from the suffering people, or their own lying eyes that have incidents in six different cities along with a Chicago media outlet saying something completely different?

Oh, and be sure to read the comments in the Sun Times article. Very eye opening. We'd say read the comments, too, but the Tribune already shut those down before we had a chance to link them. How strange!

If Only We Had....

....some kind of mobile force. A task force. Maybe even a Strike Force! Yeah, that's the ticket! Or a response unit. A response unit that could Target incidents like what happened at the lakefront on Monday. Oh well.

(We know we're going to get a bunch of humorless trolls who claim we advocated getting rid of TRU and MSF and what are we bitching about. We didn't. We advocated eliminating the redundancy that existed, and still exists, among so many units in the CPD. We've always been an advocate of a city-wide response unit.)

VERY Interesting Rumor

Popping up in more than a few places:
  • Anybody hear the rumor that Tiny Dancer 9.5 is going to use a parliamentary maneuver to circumvent the contracts and put the CPD back on 6 and 2s and 56 day rotating watches due to manpower and equipment shortages. This is taking on a life of its own.
"Life of its own" is right. We were ready to write this one off and the ramblings of a madman, when this other one popped up:
  • Interesting news from the Command staff meeting. They are not happy with the 4 & 2. Thousands of man hours wasted every day with the shift change and not enough cars/Beat Tags. J-Fled is being blamed for trying to curry favor with the rank and file(didn't work).

    New schedule is being worked out and this will include rotating for the guys with less time on. They feel it is a better Officer that works all three shifts. Rotation to be more than the old 28 days.

    That which is old is new again. Should be an interesting contract negotiation time.

A few points:
  1. The 4 and 2 is a great schedule (in our opinion). The FOP should fight tooth-and-nail to keep it.
  2. Our readers pointed out that the overlap and equipment situation would be the major stumbling block of this schedule. It doesn't function well at all. The City said time and time again that the total number of hours worked in a year wasn't a stumbling block to a new work schedule, but then came up with this inane 9 hour day that results in literally thousands of hours wasted every month. What was the matter with 8-hour days if hours weren't the issue?
  3. Rotation - good things and bad things associated with rotating. Last time we rotated, we went the wrong direction which screwed up everything. We also rotated every 28 days which was too short a recovery period.
We have no concrete opinion at this point, so try not to accuse us of taking one side or the other. We would like to hear all sides of the debate - hair gel, no gel, no hair, even retirees recollections of times past. Some people swear by rotating. Many departments still do it. Others figure we've moved beyond those days and wouldn't go back for anything.

Interesting Rumor

Someone starting shit? Or something else?
  • This tid-bit just gleaned from H.Q Staff Meeting. Public Transportation Section will become the Chicago Transit Police ala New York, a seperate entity. Grant money from Uncle Obama.
    Didn't someone write a while back about J-Fed interviewing with Claypool. HMMMM
Maybe one or more of our NYPD lurkers can explain this proposal. Is it a separate department? Is it staffed by the same people? Or is it an entirely new department built from the ground up? It sounds way too bizarre as well as way too political to fly in Chicago.

Ontario's Investment In Chrysler Pays Off For Families

Ontario's Investment In Chrysler Pays Off For Families

 (Ontario Website)
Premier Dalton McGuinty personally congratulated Chrysler Group CEO, Sergio Marchionne, for the car company's payment of its Ontario loan — six years ahead of schedule.
McGuinty thanked the company for its commitment to Ontario on behalf of taxpayers and families who depend on the auto sector. Chrysler paid $567 million, including $6 million in interest, last week. 
Ontario partnered with the Canadian and American governments to support the restructuring of Chrysler that saved thousands of jobs and kept the automaker in Canada. Ontario provided restructuring assistance to Chrysler in 2009.
The company recently announced five new production launches at its Brampton and Windsor facilities, plus an investment at its Etobicoke casting plant.
Strengthening the auto sector, with government, industry and Ontarians all doing their part, will preserve and create jobs for families. The auto sector accounts for over three per cent of Ontario's GDP.


- "Paying off" for Families is based on government interrupting the free market.  It did not matter Chrysler (and GM) were poorly run firms.  It did not matter that 'supply and demand' spoke and Chrysler failed take heed to the call.  It mattered not that several other manufacturing companies failed and went under.  What matters is that Mr. McGuinty believes that it's the governments job to to strengthen industry.

Chrysler receiving bailout money and paying it back does not mean that families win; unless you define families winning by 'partnering with governemnt'.  Mr. McGuinty's logic is simple but discrete: strengthen economy by government intervention = strong families. 

How do we know that the 'short term devestation' of GM and Chrysler going under would not have had a much better effect on families in the long run versus intervention?  The principle of supply and demand within a free market is good.  Fighting against this principle with 'loving intervention' may sound nice at the time, but only lays a foundation for principles we may one day wish we never gave consideration to.

(Federal Conservatives seem to be in a similar boat on this one)

Six Years

Where does the time go?

In any event, nearly 15 million visitors, 24 million page views, reading 8,300 posts and leaving over 503,000 comments over the last six years. We hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as we've had fun producing it. We'd like to thank everyone who contributes, either by reading, commenting, forwarding us articles for consideration, anything at all. We are humbled by your patronage and look forward to seeing you through another summer of fun.

Stay safe boys and girls.

Off Duty Shooting

  • A bullet from an off-duty Chicago police officer's gun grazed a man's finger when the man tried to disarm the officer during a struggle this evening in the West Woodlawn neighborhood on the South Side, a police source said.

    The officer had seen the man fire shots moments earlier -- at about 6:30 p.m. -- into a park near the 6000 block of South Vernon Avenue, the source said.

    The man then took off on a bicycle, with the officer chasing him in his car, the source said.

    The officer caught up with the man in an alley on the 6200 block of South Vernon and tried to arrest him, the source said. During the struggle, the man tried to take the officer's gun, which discharged, the source said.

    The man's gun was found near the scene, the source said.
Even off-duty on a holiday weekend, police run and drive toward the sound of gunfire. But be careful - you have no partner, no radio and no vest in most cases.

By the way, the headline and article don't say anything about the offender's age, but the link says "teen-injured-in-shooting," so we expect some more drama even though a gun was recovered.

Shutting Down a Beach?

  • Memorial Day’s unseasonably hot weather turned dangerous early Monday evening, forcing the closure of North Avenue Beach and sending four beach-goers to hospitals, one a young man in critical condition.

    [...] In Chicago, police closed North Avenue Beach about 6 p.m., shortly after ambulances were summoned there to treat eight people who fell sick on the crowded lakefront spot, many complaining of illness related to the heat, said Larry Langford, director of the Chicago Fire Department Media Affairs.

    “They started falling down and were light headed,” he said.

    Firefighters responded and treated four beach-goers at the scene before taking four others to area hospitals. One, an 18-year-old man, was “found unresponsive” and he was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition, Langford said.

North Avenue Beach looked like a bomb hit from what we saw on the news. Stories are trickling in about gang disturbances all over the place and no police response except "close the beach." It kind of makes one long for the days of Summer Mobile.

To get results, Conservatives need to think outside the box

Mr. Layton needs to come out of hiding and reveal His Party Constitution: let's get him all wound up with conservative actionable strategy and before we know it:
His party will release their Constitution!  We need to out-think him guys, come on!  Shhh...don't post this or give it to anyone in the NDP party, or they will know our strategy!

Full Proof How To Secret Plan:

First, play this audio clip and while playing, replace the final word with "Constitution" (the other word is demeaning, offensive and unfair)
Then, find ruby red slippers and tap them together 3 times saying, "there's no Constitution like a revealed one".

Before we know it, the NDP will reveal...  Oops, how did that get in there?

Actually, they will finally reveal their...Constitution! Fresh out of the box!

Powerful Video.

Amazing.  Keep morality out of politics? Impossible, on either side of the isle.

"we are in an interesting and death."
"I am hated because I declare life."

Illegal Immigrant Arrested in Death of Texas Police Officer

DWI suspect Johoan Rodriguez
Police say Johoan Rodriguez was drunk when he drove his car into a road block Sunday morning, striking and killing Officer Kevin Will with the Houston Police Department.

Rodriguez has since been charged with intoxication manslaughter of a peace officer, felony evading, and possession of a controlled substance. Police say he had .3 grams of cocaine in his pocket along with an alcohol level of .238, according to the station.
It's tragic situations like these that ought to shame the 'left's' inclusiveness doctrine.  Protecting one's boarders is a responsibility that is shameful to abdicate and defer.

 Again, such a simple principle at the home level.  If an individual 'pitches tent' in our back yard we say, "this is my property, please get off" and they ought to comply. If they refuse to listen, there are laws that the police would enforce to remove the trespasser.  This helps (in part) to protect the peace.

When laws are undermined and not enforced, chaos ensues. This is another example of needless tragedy and chaos.  Please dear friends to the south...better protect your boarders and do officers like Mr. Will justice.

Quite possibly the most logical argument ever from an "NDPer". (Sadly, written by a conservative)

The NDP will not release their constitution, and since I have not seen any logical arguments from the NDP that I can 'unpack and dismantle', I have been led to contrive my own argument for NDP's Constitution…as best possible. I am pretending to be a NDPer…so go easy on me. I do think I am working with lots of contradictions, but I am going to do my best to make it as 'logical as possible'.  I used a 'mock name' to hide the author's identity ; )

Dear Fellow Canadians,

I am "Jantzi Ryan" the official Boss for the NDP party of Canada.

I acknowledge that our constitution is not available for your analysis and understanding.  We believe Canadians ought to know what principles govern our party.  You will soon have our constitution: our best minds are working on it.  I have been given information that the following principles will be in our platform:

We believe in a government planned economy (government controls means of production and distribution) with respect to 'big business'.  We believe in the moderate 'free market' with respect to small business.
There will be no end to poverty, aid for seniors and real education for students unless we recognize that the vast majority of  'limited resources' ought not be horded by big business (banks, oil companies etc).  Once these 'windfall profits' are transferred to government for expansion of programs, we will finally affect people's lives being improved and helped.  Since banks modus operandi is profit, not the well being of the people, we will right this wrong by transferring profit from banks to the government.  We do not believe Canadians are ready for us to own the banks, therefore we will not seek to control means of production and distribution via ownership, but rather higher taxes and capping their ability to make a profit (prime + 5% on credit cards for starters).  We are giving out 'rebates' to small business owners who hire because it represents an important criteria of our mandate; provide opportunity for all Canadians.  Since small business generates opportunity for the worker, and there are not typically 'windfall profits', this strategy best 'levels the playing field' given our current Country's state.  In summary, limit 'massive corporations' from devaluing Canadians by limiting their profits via taxation and laws.  Transfer (redistribute sounds to "Carl Marx-ish") profit into social spending; hereafter called 'investing in Canadians'. 

We believe in equality, fairness and opportunity for all Canadians.
Poverty, discrimination and intolerance all have one thing in common, they attack and truncate basic rights of all Canadians.  Canada's resources and wealth is vast.  Massive corporate profits undermine these basic values, therefore we believe we are furthering the 'social justice' cause in Canada when we recognize this and move to make it right. Therefore, we will be setting forth proposals where you will see two components: 1. look at 'open enterprise' and 'free market' with caution (least reckless profits be made and horded away from social justice causes) and 2. draw money away from private sector and move it towards government programs. This rights the wrong when government takes authority via laws to limit profit and maximize social justice.  The 'right wingers' unfairly brands us as 'big spenders', but we will accomplish these goals without raising the debt of our Country.  We do not trust the fee market to protect the rights of Canadians.  They will not offer equality, fairness and opportunity for all.  The free market hires mostly men in high paying jobs, would have minimum wage at $4.00 if it could and exclude anyone they 'see fit'.  By the government highlighting these basic human rights then pointing out how the free market fails these people, we position ourselves to morally create laws that support this end.  This is how we use such words as 'compassion and fairness', because we are taking on the worker's struggles by assisting them from the reckless free market.

We believe it is the governments working responsibility to be people of action, recognizing there are many social needs.
We do believe in 'performance and results'.  We simply believe that the government ought to make the investment in people to ensure that everyone can attain high levels of performance and results together: this way, we know it's fair.  The free market attacks the less fortunate by 'leaving them behind'.  It is their right to not be left behind and by the NDP making these investments, we will be ensured of success for all Canadians, not just a privileged few. 

Core principle:
You have likely seen the 'thread' running throughout this letter: the problem is the free market.  The free market is just that: free.  The cows will wander unless they are fenced in.  The children may crawl into danger if they are not given the safe restrictions of the crib.  People within the free market will exploit, degrade and devalue if it is not reigned in though significant limitations.  The reason we are 'progressive' is because we recognize this cannot be done over night.  We need to develop our Country into a less free market more and more, little by little.  We need your help.  Currently the 'free market' is quite popular, so we are developing our constitution to reflect how we can focus on our core values without sparking widespread condemnation and massive public outcry.  The right thinks 'regulations' will protect people, but as we have seen from the terrible recession of 08, regulations were too lax and failed the people.  The key is not to regulate the free market…it is to limit its potential and slowly move towards a more fair, democratic and loving society, one where everyone has a chance: not just the profit hoarders and privileged few.
We look forward to truly fighting for Canadians.

Jantzi Ryan
Boss of the Federal NDP Party of Canada

Police Shooting North

  • One person was wounded this morning in a police-involved shooting on the Northwest Side in the city's Hermosa neighborhood.

    According to a preliminary report released by the police department Office of News Affairs, Grand Central Gang Enforcement Unit officers were working in the area of Keeler and Armitage avenues about 1:15 a.m. when they saw a male individual point a handgun from a vehicle in the direction of another group of people.

    The individual drove off but was later stopped on the 2000 block of North Kostner Avenue, police said. The suspect then exited the vehicle and pointed a handgun at the officers, police said.

    The suspect fled the scene and the officers chased him on foot into a yard. Soon after, the suspect again pointed a weapon at the officers, police said. Officers then opened fire, striking the suspect. A weapon was recovered from the scene, police said.

Stay safe boys and girls.

Memorial Day

God bless all those who have served, are serving, and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Hot Monday Coming

  • The City of Chicago is warning residents of warmer temperatures expected to move into the area for Memorial Day weekend — including 90 degree temperatures Monday.

    The National Weather Service is predicting a high of 71 degrees with a 40 percent chance of showers Saturday. By Sunday, temperatures will climb to 79 degrees with a 40 percent chance of thunderstorms. On Memorial Day, the weather service is expecting a sunny 91-degree day.

    The heat index is expected to reach between 90 and 100 degrees Monday, according to a release from the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communication.

Instead of gale warnings, the gunfire flag is flying today. Watch yourselves and watch your partners.

Did We Miss Something Here?

Shortshanks was always bragging about how he wanted to make Chicago more "green" and "eco-friendly." He was also big on bicycles - very European in his thinking. To this end, he shut down Lake Shore Drive and invited everyone with a bike to come pedal on a venue that most people only saw at 45 MPH or more going to and from work, school or a museum. It was a friendly crowd, very family oriented. We even worked it a few times.

When did they start charging for it? And not just charging a little bit - $55 per rider (less for kids and early sign ups). The media reports 20,000 people registered. That's around a million bucks, give or take a few thousand. They already had all sorts of corporate sponsors - their webpage has around twenty listed. They still needed to charge people?

Maybe we missed something all those other times. This just struck us as a bit hinky.

Who's our Chris Christie?

Chris Christie: worth the watch.

If Canadian conservatives had half the courage of this guy, our country would be a better place.  Canada needs to grow up and allow for direct and honest debate. 

Bell, UFC and a simple video

Core value #3 in my company is Troubleshooting and Adaptability.  This value takes into account that variables exist that often look to take away from results we are trying to achieve.  We are encouraged to think in advance of what unknown or unlikely snags may happen that produces poor results or devalues people.

Good intentions polity spoken by their computer Emily does not mean they 'want to take our call'.  It means that's what they want us to think.  Bell: action speaks louder then words. 

The free market lets Bell offer a terrible service and still make money. The same market allows me to fire them and let others know how their results (once again) were found wanting.

Action Item:
The 'free market' is looking for us to solve problems.  Today, determine you will be someone who anticipates unknown variables and thinks of preemptive ways to overcome these challenges so your company turns a potential embarrassment and loss into strength and profits. If you can develop in this, you will be marked for increase!

Sunday Open Post

Bulls are done, Blackhawks have been gone, Bears are locked out and the Cubs and Sox suck. And it might rain again. We're actually tempted to watch the Indianapolis 500.

Open post in the meantime.

Gambling Update

  • A huge expansion of legalized gambling in Illinois is headed to the House floor.

    The proposal would create licenses for five new riverboat gambling casinos. It would include a gambling boat or land-based casino in Chicago. It also would expand horse racing and add slot machines at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.

    The bill sponsored by Rep. Lou Lang of Skokie was approved 8-3 Friday by the Executive Committee. It failed in the same committee Wednesday with only five votes.

    Gov. Pat Quinn said earlier Friday he opposes “top-heavy” gambling expansion and frowned on gambling at the fairgrounds.

Still no word on our readers' proposal to direct all gambling revenues to shore up pensions though. And Quinn seems like he'd rather drive the state over the financial cliff than actually address anything that doesn't involve breaking promises and constitutional protections.

Ten Years is a Good Start

Here's what happens when you have real judges and real state's attorneys applying the law as it was written and intended:
  • A judge in central Illinois has sentenced a 25-year-old man to 10 years in prison for spitting on a correctional officer at the Champaign County Jail.

    A jury convicted Emmanuel Chapple of aggravated battery to a correctional officer.

    The Champaign News-Gazette reports that Chapple earned the hefty sentence Wednesday because it was his third serious felony conviction, making him eligible for a mandatory prison term of between six and 30 years.

In Cook County, Anita would have her people CI the case until the entire jail tier could be interviewed; the judge would offer the shithead a glass of water and ask if he was parched; the reverends would demand the officer be prosecuted to the fullest extent for provoking the spit; the media would report the prisoner was just about to turn his spit around; then Quinn would pardon him.

How To Defeat The NDP: Demand Their Constitution Be Made Public

How is a 'political opinion' established, then passed into law?
Is it based on 'what is right' and 'what is wrong'?
Is it based on 'popular majority, regardless of right and wrong'?
Is it based on a Deity saying something, and the people follow the code of the higher being(s)?

When the left strongly advocates for something, what presupposes their position? I.E, what under girds and makes it true, just or right?  The Conservative Constitution is public.

Is it, "this is what is right?"  If so, according to what or who?  Their opinion? Their hearts? The consensus of Canadian values?"

Perhaps we should discuss opinions on what is popular and not what is right or wrong.  If this sounds silly, then where is the NDP Constitution?

I find it striking that something by Mr. Layton can be said with such passion and conviction, but so little supporting core principles where others can learn just how his views are upheld.  I know his voter base are not anti-intellectuals and would appreciate seeing the constitution so they can base an argument on something besides raw hysteria, emotion or 'surface logic'.  Let's get the constitutions public.
I trust there is no hidden agenda, nor anything that will scare off millions of voters, uh...right?

The 'logic' the NDP are presenting to Canadians is "you can strongly and passionately advocate your views (at the Federal level) without defending/showing a core set of guiding principles".  From this, it follows, you don't need 'core principles' to have Mr. Layton's passion to argue positions (by default of him not apologizing for negligently not showing them).   If Mr. Layton does not need so show core principles, then it's not about 'what is right', rather its about what is popular.  Therefore, he cannot argue for his positions, or against others positions on axiomatic moral grounds (because they are not shared to argue from!).

When Mr. Layton attacks other party values, he is 'throwing stones at a glass house' until he presents his party Constitution.

My opinion on this matter is open and not firm.

(A note to people considering commenting: thank you for all the comments, even the ones that disagree with me.  This blog is not 'inspire you to agree', but inspire you to think.  So, if I make a point, try to find the problem with the logic and argue against it directly.  Not liking something and making a wild jump to an incredible conclusion based on nothing I said is permissible, but not advisable.  I would love for awesome debate, but please continue to develop and make it relevant to the flaws/problems with my said 'logic'.  I do not claim to be correct on all matters as I am open and willing to learn.  Thank you)

Sergeant Cleared by Confession

  • Bail was set at $900,000 today for a 16-year-old boy charged with murder after his teenage accomplice in an alleged armed robbery was shot and killed by a responding Chicago police officer.

    Brandon Ross, a sophomore at Chicago Vocational Career Academy, was charged as an adult with felony murder and armed robbery. Ross, of the 6800 block of South Jeffery Boulevard, appeared in court in a black T-shirt and baggy black pants that he clutched to keep from falling down.

    Prosecutors said Ross gave a videotaped statement to investigators admitting that he and Tatioun Williams, 15, planned and executed an armed robbery at about 8 p.m. Wednesday at 70th Street and South Cregier Avenue in the South Shore neighborhood.
That should be it then. Co-offender gives a statement, the gun was theirs, used in a planned robbery, recovered on scene along with the proceeds. Momma can go pound sand for all we care.

And to an unpublished commentator who said our response was "not reasonable at all" and it "makes it really hard to defend CPD when you continually reinforce your stereotypes," what of the stereotypical ghetto drama on display in the hood in light of the admissions of the arrested party?

We've got news for you friend - if you have a hard time supporting us when the Department is completely in the right (and especially when you fall for the media drivel plastered on their front pages - did you see they changed the headline from "child" after a few hours?), then we have a hard time believing you ever supported us at all.

About Time

  • The Chicago Housing Authority wants to require all adults who currently live in, or apply in the future for housing in any of its developments, to be tested for drugs — including senior citizens.

    The blanket policy proposal for anyone 18 years or older has residents and housing advocates crying foul.

    The American Civil Liberties Union charges the public agency seeks to place a double standard on the poor.

    “It’s such an insensitive proposal to even bring to the table,” said Myra King, a resident of the Far South Side Lowden Homes development. She chairs the Central Advisory Council of tenant leaders from CHA properties all across the city.

No, what's insensitive is expecting hard working taxpayers to subsidize an entire subculture of people who contribute nothing to society except crime statistics and democratic votes. If you accept a government check, then you ought to live by the same rules as anyone else who works for the government - like us for example. We're expected to be drug free and we have to give up a sizable portion of our check to pay for all sorts of government services we never use.

If you don't want to be drug tested, get a job and move out. Of course, that might make you a republican, or maybe even a libertarian.

Big Changes in Store

Quite a few big changes working their way through Springfield, none of which bode well for our future:
  • Future pension benefits for public workers would be reduced under a sweeping new plan that would impact government employees throughout Illinois beginning next year and impose changes for city of Chicago and Cook County workers in 2013. Current workers would get the option of choosing one of three plans, and would keep the level of pension benefits they have earned up to the point of when the changes takes effect.

    The three choices are:

    *Paying more to earn their current level of pension benefits in their retirement.

    *Opting to earn a smaller level of pension benefits built up in future years. The benefit would be at the lower level of a second-tier pension plan adopted last year for new employees.

    *Choosing a 401k-styled plan that would allow a person to self-manage their retirement funds.
Then you have Worker's Comp changes:
  • The state Senate is poised to vote Saturday on a major overhaul of the state's workers' compensation system, a push aimed at [saving] Illinois [business] at least $500 million a year and addressing possible abuses.

    The measure is the result of months of tense negotiations between Democratic lawmakers, Gov. Pat Quinn's administration and several key stakeholders, including doctors, unions, trial lawyers and business groups.
That one won't affect CPD. Finally, retirees are about to get whacked with big increases:
  • More than 21,000 retired city employees under age 65 will pay 15 percent more for their health insurance — an increase a union official called “alarming” and an expert said [spotlights] a $1.3 billion unfunded liability for Chicago taxpayers.

    Paul Geiger, general counsel for the Fraternal Order of Police, said the first double-digit increase since 2004 will create an “enormous hardship” for retired couples on fixed incomes who are not yet eligible for Medicare.
Funny thing though - we've been beset by a troll who insists that we support the Tea Party, that Republicans are going to steal all our benefits, that Quinn is the greatest thing since sliced bread, yet we look to Springfield and see a democratic controlled House, Senate and Governorship all falling over themselves to do the bidding of a Chicago Machine democratic mayor and completely destroy how many years of union gains? The mind boggles.

Morals and Progress

The left has scolded and we have rolled over like lame ducks

Why do we 'separate' moral values from politics these days?
I get pluralism and tolerance, but why not 'include' morals and values in our tolerant pluralist discourse?

Anti-intellectualism is one reason that comes to my mind.

Overall, we conservatives are really passive and wimpy when it comes to publicly standing on our morals.

We almost apologize for our morals and hide them. In politics, the conservative politicians literally form their answers to avoid mentioning the word morals and replace it with 'values' and 'laws'.  Values can 'conflict' without passing judgment.  For example, "well, you like to work, make money and keep it.  Good for you.  I respect your values but think you should give it all away to the government.  That's my value."  You can oppose views without any moral "ought" that otherwise would transcend an individual opinion. (I shutter to think if we ever had a debate that the individual is not God and their opinion is not the center of reality) 
Morals on the other hand 'imposes' a moral imperative on others; meaning "A" is right and "B" is wrong. Therefore do "A".  This does not sit well with the 'left' in Canada.
The left have kicked our butts and silenced us from sharing our morals without massive reprisal. We conservatives should admit they 'got us' on this matter (for now).    We are silent pansies tip toeing around each issue: least we are called a whole bunch of names.
Before we spout 'morals' and change the world, I think there needs to be a debate outlining that there is nothing logically wrong with introducing morals into political debates...especially if our goal is to strengthen families.

Secondly, we need to silence the left particularly in the area of their claim we are something bad or wrong if we determine something is a moral issue.  On what 'moral authority' does the left think they stand sovereign over us and instruct us on what our thinking is?  I blog and say something is 'immoral'...what's the big deal?  The very act of the left 'condemning' my "intolerance" is a moral imperative they are imposing on me.  They say, "thou shall not impose your morals on me"...which ironically is a moral judgment in and of itself.

That is hypocrisy.  I say enough.

Step 1. Dismantle the lefts bogus straw man argument: 'avoid morals and use words like values and laws'
Step 2. Be free and debate your morals without fear
Step 3. Live them out by loving others
Love is not based on agreement, so love your neighbour, both on your right and left.

Oh My Baby!

  • Chicago police shot and killed a 15-year-old boy after he pointed a gun at officers who were investigating a robbery in the South Shore neighborhood, authorities said.

    The suspect was identified as Tatioun Williams of the 1300 block of East 69th Street, according to police and the medical examiner's office.

    "They (are) lying. My son would never carry a gun," said his distraught motheer, Lois Pickett. "He ain't never done that, they can't say that."

    "The police officers killed him!" she cried in a telephone interview with the Tribune. Tatioun was the oldest of five siblings.

    "Yes, he has (previous arrests), but that's not a reason to kill him," Pickett said between tearful sobs. "That's no reason to kill a child."

    "They could have taken him to jail, they could have done anything but taken his life."

Blah blah blah. Police planted the gun, police shot him for no reason, police are lying for no reason, he was just about to turn his life around, he wanted to rap and play basketball, he almost got a "C-" on that last exam, yap yap yap.

We're sure he was out looking for good deeds to perform after 8 PM on a school night when those darn police somehow found a gun, a wallet, an i-Pod and an insatiable appetite for blood, located his previously arrested ass and shot him for shits and giggles.

Give us a fucking break Tribune. How about investigating what his other arrests were for? Where he got a gun? What sort of student he was? What kind of parent momma was? We suppose she would have been ecstatic if her child managed to actually kill a cop.

Honoring the Deceased

  • On a hazy Wednesday morning inside the barn at the South Shore Cultural Center, a group of Chicago cops dodge the outside fog and huddle around a dark bay-colored horse named Knight, a saddle at the ready.

    The public might recognize Knight on the streets of Downtown Michigan Avenue, at a Cubs game or at an outdoor festival as working with the Chicago Police Department’s Mounted Patrol. But in the barn among the officers, he is recognized for his namesake, Officer John C. Knight, a former Chicago Police cop who was shot and killed in 1999.

    Knight was one of the first horses to be named after a Chicago police officer killed in the line of duty. Now, 21 of the 28 Mounted Patrol horses housed in this stable carry on the names and legacies of fallen officers.

Certainly a nice change from the usual fare the media likes to push.

North Side to West Side

  • A female robbery suspect was wounded by Chicago police on the West Side on Wednesday night after she tried to run them down, police said.

    [P]olice were alerted about 10:30 p.m. to a robbery-in-progress in the area of the 5600 block of West Irving Park Road, according to preliminary police reports. Officers saw a vehicle matching the description of the one used in the robbery near the 4400 block of West Madison Street, police said.

    When the officers approached the vehicle driven by a female, she attempted to run down the officers, police said. One of the officers fired several shots at her, striking her in the shoulder, police said. She was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, but her condition was not available.
Four other officers were injured responding to the scene. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to all involved coppers.

Professor Shortshanks?

This bozo can barely speak English. He's already scheduled to earn something like $50,000 per speech. Now he's going to "teach" students at one of the supposedly top Universities in the world?
  • Richard M. Daley is taking the advice of the old adage, if you can't do, teach.

    Days after Daley's 22-year tenure as mayor of Chicago ended, he was at the University of Chicago on Tuesday to announce he's joining the Harris School of Public Policy Studies as a distinguished senior fellow.

    Daley won't be grading papers, but the dean of the school made it clear that the longest serving mayor in Chicago history will be teaching students what he knows about cities, offering a perspective they can't get from tweedy academics.
One might assume this is payback for favors granted over the past few decades:
  • "At the University of Chicago we don't discuss pay for anybody and we're not going to break this rule in the case of the mayor," said the dean, whose private university version of `no comment' prompted Daley to smile broadly.
You would probably be 100% correct in that assumption.

Bulls Out

And doing it in style! Blowing an 11 point lead in just over 2 minutes.

We guess the Time Due books are open again for June. Thank goodness for small favors.

Another Shooting?

  • Chicago police shot and killed an alleged robber Wednesday night in the city's South Shore neighborhood, authorities said. The shooting occurred just before 8 p.m. on the 7000 block of South Cregier Avenue, police said.

    Preliminary reports stated a robbery-in-progress was reported and two sergeants responded to the scene and were flagged down by a witness who told them two suspects had just committed a robbery on the street, police said. The sergeants saw two suspects matching the description and approached ordering them to stop, police said.

    One of the suspects turned and pointed a weapon at a sergeant who fired his weapon, striking the suspect, police said. The suspect was taken into custody and transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead, police said. The second suspect was taken into custody by the other sergeant on the scene, police said.

Nicely done Sergeants.

Flash Mob Crack Down

  • Acting Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said Tuesday he may follow Philadelphia’s lead when it comes to the text-messaging, shoplifting “flash mobs” now terrorizing the Michigan Avenue shopping district.

    After eight days on the job, McCarthy has his hands full redeploying police resources to combat the traditional summer crime surge.

    But, he’s also following through on a promise to “sweat the small stuff” — by cracking down on quality-of-life complaints that tear down neighborhoods and frighten residents and businesses.

    Juvenile flash mobs fall into that category.

Almost two years of silence by the media and now it's "flash mobs terrorizing" the downtown area. Hilarious.

Anyway, the plan involves breaking up groups of "people" prior to their being able to coordinate their thievery. We aren't sure as to the methods behind "breaking up" these groups, but we'll be interested to see what the new policy is.

HQ Dump?

Supposedly, dozens, maybe more than a hundred, got their notice that their services will no longer be required at the Brain-Drain on 35th and Michigan. Any confirmation?

This could put Rahm at either 100 or 600 additional cops on the street, depending on who's doing the counting.

JJJr Sinks Blago?

  • Rod Blagojevich has called U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. “repugnant,” a liar, and a “really bad guy.” Then he called him to the witness stand. It was a gamble for the former governor to ask his onetime nemesis to testify Wednesday as the first defense witness in his retrial, one that ultimately didn’t seem to pay off.

    As he took the stand on an electrified day that also saw the testimony of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Jackson’s remarks initially appeared helpful. In contrast to what a government witness’ testimony suggested, Jackson said he in no way knew about or authorized anyone to offer Blagojevich money in exchange for the Senate seat.

    Jackson’s testimony then devolved as he leveled an allegation against the ex-governor, mocked Blagojevich, and appeared as if he were enjoying it.
The entire article is Illinois/Chicago politics writ large, right down to Blago demanding $25,000 and the payback when he doesn't get it. "F#$%-ing Golden" indeed. Hopefully, the government got it right this time and Blago will be doing a number of years in the Federal pen.

Mr. Layton Had An Epiphany! (And He's Right!)

Consider: Budget due June 6 will phase out political subsidies

Mr. Layton says in response to ending subsidies:
"Take away public financing and essentially what you are saying is those with the best ability to raise money get to have their ideas heard by Canadians and the rest are essentially silenced," Layton said Wednesday in Ottawa.

Essentially Mr. Layton, Yes! Your startling revelation and analysis is bang on!

What is ever so obvious to millions of Canadians has finally been made plain to you.  This represents the first time EVER I have seen you Mr. Layton clearly articulate a 'free market principle' without using any word ending in    "-ist" or "-ism": thank you. 
If you take away 'public financing' that means you have to work and earn your success!  And the problem with this concept is...???
2.  (fill in issues here)

You want something in politics, go get it!  After all, you have an able minded and competent caucus, correct? 

It sounds like you are insulting the intelligence of your caucus Mr. Layton by stating they do not have the "ability" to raise enough money.  And yes, you did say, 'those with the best ability get...'.  So, train and grow in skills.  I know it's not "fair" don't go there with me Mr. Layton.  Simply accept your caucus has the potential to learn and grow and teach them to get results.  I barely survived a deep recession by working with our employees to try and become the best and get results. Through hard work, learning and taking responsibility we survived.  Now that you got the principle that  'being the best produces results' I urge you to show some leadership and train your caucus to be the best and consequently get results.

That's leadership your team can count on Mr. Layton.

Greeks Occupy Central City Squares Arab Style

Maria Damanaki ex-KKE but PASOK for the last two decades and a Euro
stated in the EU today that 'either the Greeks adopt the 2nd round of
cuts and privatisations' with a unity across the two major parties, or
Greece will return to the Drachma.

Taking into account her current postion as an EU Fisheries Minister,
she cant be saying things without high level agreement with
Papandreou. It is being used to threaten and cajole the Opposition
Parties (var the KKE) to allow PASOK to get through its legislative
programme of more cuts by forcing the 180 votes required in Parliament
this time (2/3 of total) otherwise the government will fall. New
Demccracy traidtionally the pro-American party may be seeking a Euro
exit for Greece.

The government doesn't seek elections as it would lose so it is now
pushing for a Plebiscite for the new round of measures sought by the

At the same time over the last few days, influenced by the Spanish
events 300 Greeks have occupied Sindagma Square (most of them are ex-
Spitha members) and today they called a facebook protest on the square
and 150,000 have signed up on Facebook which has collapsed in Greece.

We Have Woken Up- in Both Greek and Spanish

Athens Madrid Lisbon All of Europe on the Path of Struglle are two of
the banners and slogans shouted.

Tell the Government we wont sell our Country, tell the Politicians to
Leave said one demostrator on live streaming streaming

VN Gelis

All night discussion occuring in the central squares about what to do next.
A main issue is to stay there until the government leaves or for workers to join protests nightly after work if they cant be there round the clock.

The discussion are occurring in a fraternal manner and it is reminiscent of the last days of the junta. The police so far hasn't attacked the demonstrators with tear gas, but the night is long and one doesn't know what will happen. Some will obviously leave but some will return. The spirit is to fight, most of the mass media has ignored it, but it is widespread on the internet.

Facebook and mobile phones where initially blocked in the square but they have returned. The other issue is whether the organised left will join the protests and try to derail them into a safe for capitalism direction. There is a very large component of youth who were organised via the social media and if it lasts during the night and into the morning it will be difficult to get Athens moving.

So workers may end up joining the protests in the morning...

Some pictures from Indymedia

26th may-Update
The police didn't tear gas the massed crowds. A contingent of workers from the electricity workers union GENOP-DEI arrived with a large banner and the crowd supported them.

They placed their banner and shouted slogans outside the Economics Ministry which is on Sindagma Sq which stated We Dont Sell, We Cant Be Sold and shouted slogans, cheap electricity for the masses.

The main media hasn't really promoted it and Facebook was downed a few times alongside mobile phone networks in the centre when people were gathering. The fact that it occurred in every Greek city means there is a shift now and one doesn't know how it will develop as they aren't controlled by the trade union bureaucracy or the political Left and as such it is still new. If nightly gatherings persist and gain in volume it may develop into a real conflict if it isn't derailed or controlled. But by creating a power vacuum, with the state not initially intervening in a heavy hand manner which it has done over the last 12 months every time Greeks have gathered in the centre, may imply the government is looking for an exit, but as yet does not know how or where to go...

Slogans from last night


EE Oh Oh, take the IMF and Get Out...

Democracy, Freedom and Justice

A magical night as in Argentina we will wait to see who gets in the Helicopters first'

Greece of Greek bankers, snitches, usurers, exploiters

'Bread, Education, Freedom, the Junta didn't Die in '73'

Leave the Weapons and Join Us

26th May 2011
Although a greekwebsite one gets a flavour of the demos in the various cities of Greece including the island Rhodes.

For a second night thousands turned up in Sindagma Sq and an open air debate occurred. But it started raining...

Some of the slogans that have been heard by the alleged 'apolitical' audience as reported now by the mass media... most of these rhyme in Greek so translation is difficult.

George (Papandreou) you Wanker we Didn't Come Here for a Joke

31st May 2011

The occupation continues for a 7th night.

Some scenes with the background music of a new song by a popular Greek singer called Cooking Pot about how empty it will become.... and a lot more.

The media hasn't interviewed people on the square and just mentions it.

7,000 attended a meeting in the centre with Theodorakis as speaker and many shouted for Papandreou to leave now. Theodorakis said this film has been replayed before in 1944 with his grandfather in the same place (implying that this led to defeat of the Left) and he got booed for it...

A video of the speech today.

From the video one can clearly discern the waving of Greek flags and the social composition of the audience which clearly isn't middle class.

Greece will allegedly receive its 5th interim loan this week after agreement by Merkel, but massive cuts in benefits are going to be the payback, so it looks like the demos on the streets of the major cities in Greece will continue as the crisis aint going away.

1st June
Last night after the Theodorakis speech thousands surrounded the entrances to Parliament changing Thieves Thieves Politicians not allowing them to leave. When some got into their chauffeur driven cars, they were sworn at, rude hand gestures Greek style were made to them and some were followed by old ladies along the narrow pavements. As the police deemed it would spiral out of control some were rushed to other exits than the main ones along dark pathways leading to the national park adjacent to Parliament.

For the whole of today the mass media has attacked the protestors as being basically hooligans alleging Greeks are as bad as Mugabe and that this is a massive attack on Parliamentarism, not the IMF measures which are crippling the country. They are also alleging that these are acts against democracy and elected Parliament, whilst thieving pensions and creating mass unemployment are obviously democratic acts of a flourshing social system which condemns people to a slow and arduous death. They then brought out the riot police to surround the side entrances to Parliament without attacking the protestors but guarding those who wanted to leave Parliament.

One of the leaders of the Euros today Alavanos, not having appeared to support the movement of the Disgruntled (which is what it is being labelled by the media) stated the Left should depart from Parliament. The peaceful nature of the protests which have gone on for one week now is nearing an end. The situation will end up spiralling out of control. If people in such large numbers have gone on the streets they will end up staying until the govt departs. Allready a big banner has replaced all others stating We Will Stay Until the IMF, the Govt and the Debt Goes.

Either the government will have to attack the demonstrators at some stage, or clear the area on some hygiene issue or it will have to depart. What happened last night has raised the morale of all undoubtedly, the streets will undo what the IMF politicians created...

Video of politicians and drivers trying to leave Parliament

June 3rd 2011

Two events yesterday have hit the mass media.
Govt spokesperson Petalotis went to give a speech at a pensioners club in Argiroupoli a working class district of Athens and the local residents confronted him and he had to be scurried out via the back door.
Riot police were called out to control the crowds of workers and pensioners...

Argiroupoli events video

In the meantime in Corfu Greek politicians and invited Euro MP's were scurried out by yachts after leaving a hall they were meeting in by a port due to the massed citizens protesting and calling in one of their slogans for the whole of Greece to become like Keratea (are that defeated the IMF govt after they attempted to impose a rubbish dump)

Corfu events

16 PASOK MP's have writtent a letter to Papandreiou showing reservations against the new round of cuts for the 5th interim bailout package which in reality is an accounting trick as no money ever arrives in Greece from the IMF it is just funnelled away from peoples pockets to the banksters.

The next few weeks are going to be crucial as Greeks are still congregating in the main squares and this Sundays event is billed to be the biggest ever...

CP leader Papariga has come out firmly against a return to the drachma and does not even call for elections or the government to go now. It hasn't called its members to take part in the demos in the main squares and it is doing everyghing in its power to prop up the IMF govt, but it will start to lose many of its younger followers in the coming period...


Is fairness the correct measuring stick?
 PLEASE help!  I am only trying to learn and need the wisdom of others!

I get how Mr. Layton highlights 'fairness' (Just google: Jack Layton fairness).  It's all about fairness in his political world. I'm sure at one point his once young children saw some spoiled kid at the park licking a double scoop ice cream cone.  When his child complained, "it's not fair she gets two scoops and I don't have any!"...I really want to know, did Mr. Layton say, "Mike, you’re on to something young lad...that is not fair and I will do something about it!"  Like, really?  Did Mr. Layton go take a scoop so each kid had one?  Did he call that 'justice' for all kids at the playground?

Why is it that when we transfer socialist principles from the political arena to the home life, they look absurd and irrational? Yet somehow, someway, real life grownups bypass this obvious fatal logic and vouch to be fought for based on fairness? I am a fairly sharp kid, and I have yet to been given one solid logical answer as to how socialist principles work in the most simple way at home.  How do you teach your kid, "it's all about fairness" without screwing them up?  I mean this sincerely. 

Am I in error if I teach my children to choose to be compassionate by their free will?  To see a need and meet it because you love someone seems more powerful and noble then establishing the rule of redistribution predicated on a 'fairness' doctrine. Code Red, please help. 

Is my 3 year old more wise than Mr. Layton?

So, my 3 year old (who loves baking) read "the little Red Hen" with me last night.

She asks, "Daddy, if the other's wanted to eat bread, why did they not make it themselves?".

How can she get this concept, but not the NDP party?  What am I missing?

At what age do I show her this 'modern' version?

Any suggestions?

::SNAP!!:: It's Like Magic!!

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel's decision to put hundreds more officers on the beat this summer represents a significant shift away from the Chicago Police Department's strategy of fighting crime with specialized units.

    Under former Superintendent Jody Weis, units such as the Mobile Strike Force were beefed up. The idea was that pulling officers from the districts would allow more flexibility to move them to neighborhoods experiencing spikes in gang and gun violence.

    The new mayor's strategy, first reported in the Tribune, puts an emphasis on the department's interaction with residents, officials said. The officers will stop parachuting into hot spots and focus on crime within district boundaries.
So instead of TRU and MSF spending all their time in Districts like 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, 011 and 015, they'll be assigned directly to 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, 011 and 015. It's brilliant!

Wait a minute....

Don't get us wrong, we're still of the opinion that overlapping and redundant assignments should be phased out and eliminated. We're just amused as hell that Rahm is so blatantly claiming credit for half of his "1,000 more cops on the street" promise based on a paper move that increases the number of cops on the street by exactly "zero."
  • Asked twice whether he still intends to honor his campaign promise to put 1,000 additional officers on the street, Emanuel appeared to hedge. His staff subsequently argued that Emanuel promised 1,000 new officers “on the beat” and that, by that measure, he’s half-way home.
The above statement was brought to you by the Goalpost Movers Local #76 and The Committee to Re-elect Rahm Emanuel.

The FOP isn't impressed:
  • “To say this is 500 more officers on the street — no, it’s not. Don’t mislead the public. There are no more police officers today than there were yesterday. They’re taking 500 officers as if they were never on the street and putting them into beat cars. They’re acting as if they were assigned to some desk duty,” [someone was quoted as saying].
Let's see if the media gives Rahm a pass on this smoke and mirror bullshit the way they did for Shortshanks.

DUI Wasn't the Only Problem

Rahm's got some cleaning up to do in city hiring. Shortshanks was famous for giving convicted felons all sorts of chances to get city jobs as long as they produced votes for the Machine. That appears to be the case here:
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday he has ordered Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Tom Byrne to tighten supervision to prevent a repeat of the Gold Coast accident that saw a city laborer accused of driving drunk and plowing into a crowded sidewalk, injuring seven people.

    Emanuel noted that termination proceedings have already begun for 61-year-old laborer Dwight Washington, whose blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when the accident occurred Saturday, according to prosecutors.

Of course, if anyone had looked at Dwight Washington's criminal history, they might have seen a rap sheet running back decades with convictions for Armed Robbery and assorted other offenses. Anywhere else, the hiring process is designed to catch these things before they become issues, preventing the hiring of persons with a propensity for law breaking.

Anywhere else isn't Chicago though. We imagine we're going to be hearing about many of these types of hirees slipping through the cracks in the coming years. It's like Shortshanks left us all these little surprises to remember him by for years and years to come.

Hop Off the Bandwagon

  • In the locker room before Game 4, Tom Thibodeau implored his Bulls team to shake off all mistakes and frustration and move on to the next play. He demanded they show fight from the start to avoid a debilitating hole in the Eastern Conference final.

    They answered that demand. And they wound up with nothing but a debilitating series deficit to show for it.

    The Bulls battled through four quarters but swooned in overtime, succumbing to the Heat in a 101-93 defeat that sent them spiraling to a 3-1 hole in the Eastern Conference finals, with an elimination game awaiting them in Game 5 at the United Center on Thursday night.
We saw that the Department was already in the process of restricting Time Due the week of 12 June in case of a Finals appearance by the Bulls. Rumors of furlough cancellations were also in evidence. We imagine a lot of sighs of relief are coming out of the fifth floors at HQ and City Hall tonight.

10 years in business! Ya!

Today marks the 1st day of my 11th year in business!  Wow.

At a tender age of 21, I was crazy enough to leap into 'leadership' and start a manufacturing company. The greatest achievements I believe I can show for these 10 years is the following:

Foundation to better serve customers, shareholders and employees.
The knowledge learned through tough lessons was painful indeed.  Losing thousands because I was prideful, or stupid was NOT uncommon.  I am incredibly grateful that I was able to learn these lessons without bankruptcy.  We worked hard enough to fight through all of our learning curves allowing our company to grow in wisdom. At one time, a dear Friend (an English chap) said to us after we messed up his critical parts, "me don't want a price break, me want me bit's on time and correct! Much good a price break do me when me bits are wrong!"  Ouch.
Our foundation is based on valuing people and pursuing excellence together: recovering from mistakes with aggression and humility. We value resolving conflict through honoring authority and taking responsibility.  These values are crucial for serving customers and those within the company.  An even greater reward has been the feedback from employees telling me, "all these principles work in my marriage and in other relationships".  The transferability of what we have fought so hard for is truly a remarkable achievement.  Stronger families, improved thinkers and increased responsibility is my 'agenda' with those I serve.

Knowing growth comes through overcoming adversity.
So many times I would feel I have "given everything " and all that surrounds me is pressure and more challenges.  By leaning into other people, I slowly developed the advantageous notion that these were opportunities to expand my skills.  More importantly, I learned strategies that helped me better relate to employees that assisted them in overcoming their obstacles.  This is why I believe socialism is so terrible, because I have seen both owners and employees use the 'harshness of the free market' to increase their skills, better their thinking and strengthen their families.  The beauty of relating to others through working to solve conflict undergirds and supports our foundation of growth: to better serve!  This is how the 'free market' benefits both the owner and the worker.  If you are going through struggles in your place of work or in relationships, be strengthened today.  Know that this is an opportunity in disguise for you to learn and grow.  Grab friends and loved ones and press through!

Profit is a good thing, not a swear word
Profit represents an opportunity to expand based on past results.  Yes, the 'naysayers' will cite exploitation of the poor with evil corporations using profits for selfish purposes. But I say the free market gives choice.  Those naysayers have the same 'freedom' to start a business and give all the money away.  They are really knocking freedom of choice within a free market.  You can choose to be selfish, or you can choose to be generous and give. Today, determine to give.  Give your time and knowledge to those around you.  The giving of your knowledge and talents often creates an atmosphere of inclusiveness and teamwork that will gel your culture and catapult your company to increased long term profits.  I admit, it has been very hard to 'lay down' short term profit to focus on 'sustainable long term profit'.  Looking back, I am thrilled that was our direction.  We are better positioned now more than ever to serve with excellence and thus expect to see profit as a natural outcome of our results.

I am humbled and grateful that we have survived through two recessions in the Ontario manufacturing industry.  I am almost in shock we grew from 4 employees to just under 40 today. I have learned through tears and agony that my success is not defined in the accumulation of 'stuff', awards or titles.  Rather success is found in the process of relating to people, working hard to solve conflict and serving with excellence.  Who I am as a man of integrity and character is far more valuable then any $$$ or 'stature'. I know my 2 daughters will one day thank me for this perspective.  I will continue to try and advance our company.  I am inspired to learn about principles that work in my company, home and with friends.  I hope this note has encouraged you.

Big Change - No More TRU or MSF


    This just in. . .

    MSF & TRU disbanded under the guise of a 90 day detail. AMFN#111702 reads as follows:

    "Full duty personnel with title codes 9161, 9171, and 9173 assigned and not detailed out of either MSF or TRU will be detailed to one of the following districts: 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008, 011 and 015. Personnel must submit a PAR form to their Unit of Assignment by 0800 hours on Wednesday, 25 MAY 11."

    "Personnel will be selected by seniority and reverse seniority will be used to fill unused vacancies. Personnel who do not submit a PAR form will be assigned at the discretion of the department."
We'll confess that we thought McCarthy was going to eliminate one of these units based on the simple fact that their missions were pretty much redundant. Eliminating both was a surprise and makes us wonder what other spots are about to get gored. A couple of questions:
  • Does this eliminate any exempt spots? We're still way too top heavy and all of these gold stars running their own little fiefs needs to stop;
  • Who is going to become the city wide response unit? You need a pool of officers that you can move about at a moment's notice regardless of contract restrictions. You will get volunteers for this, regardless, but who? The rumors are running fast and furious that GEU is next on the block. Are the Area Chiefs about to start fielding Saturation Teams again that will step into this role?
For too long, the Department has lost sight of the fact that everyone else exists to support Patrol. The function of the Department as a whole is to answer calls regarding crime and disorder. If you lose that (and it can be argued that we have for years now), you lose the direction and purpose of the organization.

An interesting beginning, that's for sure.

Cop Injured

This car is a mess:
  • A Chicago police officer was among two people injured this morning in a two-vehicle accident involving a squad car on the West Side.

    The accident happened shortly after 7 a.m. near the intersection of Roosevelt Road and Independence Boulevard, officials said.

Speedy recovery Officer.

Another Parolee Charged

  • A 19-year-old Chicago man, on parole for robbery, has been charged with the fatal shooting of a taxi driver in Evanston on May 15.

    Darien Lawrence Marquez Connerly, of 2005 W. Jarvis Ave., was charged with first-degree murder and attempted armed robbery for shooting driver Leodis Blackburn, Evanston Police Cmdr. Tom Guenther said at a press conference Monday.

On parole for Aggravated Robbery, a charge that usually means a sentence of how long? Yet, here he is, out with a stolen gun, committing murder. He "served" under two years. And you, fellow citizens, can't carry a gun to stop it.

A-fucking-mazing, isn't it?


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