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Whatever bug is traveling through the area, the kids brought it home and we're under the weather. Posting will be light and comments might be delayed.

Open post for now. We'll try to have some news up later today.

We Don't Need No Help

  • Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said the city doesn’t need more cops as it faces a $635 million budget gap.

    “So far we're showing we can get the job done with less,” McCarthy told the Tribune editorial board on Friday. “I just can’t in good conscious [sic] say that we need more when we’re not operating at peak efficiency.

    The department has moved almost 900 cops to beat patrols since the end of May, due primarily to the disbanding of two specialized units and the transfer of cops from desk jobs. The move has come following a campaign pledge made by McCarthy’s boss, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, to put more than 1,000 officers on the streets. Critics contend he’s simply shuffling officers around.
Well duh. Rahm is shuffling people around. And at some point, it's going to be painfully obvious. Downtown is making asinine claims of not just double-digit reductions in crime, but double digits in the 20% and greater area. At this rate, there shouldn't be any crime in Chicago.

But there is. Lots of it. Some of the pressure is off, but no one should mistake that for crime reduction. Even McCarthy has an idea that something isn't entirely correct:
  • McCarthy acknowledged he could cut the department’s $1.3 billion budget by eliminating the vacant posts. But he said he wants to hold on to those positions for when the economy turns around and replacements could be hired.
Remember that - remember who's saying it. When the shit hits the fan, the CPD will be all up to strength to keep everyone safe - after 6 months in the Academy.

Watch and Learn

  • Evanston Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl thinks anyone caught with 10 grams or less of pot does not intend to sell it, and so should only be ticketed and fined — not jailed.

    She recently asked the city’s legal department to draft an ordinance that loosens the penalty for anyone possessing small amounts of marijuana. Tisdahl said she wants to keep a young person’s criminal record from hindering employment.

    A city committee will study the proposed ordinance once staff drafts it, Tisdahl said.

The amount of time cops are off the street and the amount of time spent putting together a case that will be thrown out at a PC hearing, it might be time for a serious look at ticketing weed smokers.


Mullen Shooter Dies

  • The elderly man who shot and paralyzed Chicago Police Officer Jim Mullen 15 years ago died in prison Thursday.

    George Guirsch had no criminal record when he fired a .357 Magnum at Mullen and three other officers as they knocked on his door while investigating reports of gunfire in Rogers Park in 1996.

  • “I have a lot of mixed emotions,” Mullen said about Guirsch’s death.

    “I really hold no malice toward George. I never really have. He was someone who was disturbed, and you know, there are a lot of officers out there that risk their lives every day. It was just my turn, I guess.”

  • “I really mostly feel bad for my family because they’re the ones that really have to live with this every day,” Mullen said.

    The more important news of the day, Mullen said Thursday, was that his 15-year-old daughter came home from school with straight A’s.

Mixed emotions indeed. God bless you and yours Sir.

Still Having Fun

The economy sucks, the housing market continues to tank, the mayor is presiding over what might be the second coming of the Titanic, and our supervisory ranks leave much to be desired. But some people still know how to find a laugh when they need it:

The e-mail from one of our west side fans labeled this "Crate-Henge." We assume that there are Packer fans among them seeing as how it went up before the Bears game this past Sunday and Chicago got pasted shortly thereafter. This is definitely the product of some twisted minds though - and it's hilarious. How many milk crates did they have to take from the corner dope boys to build this thing?

Still Obliterating

  • With their weapons drawn, Chicago Police officers launched a new assault on the Maniac Latin Disciples on Thursday.

    Supt. Garry McCarthy declared war on the gang in June after a member allegedly shot and wounded two young girls on the Northwest Side. Since then, patrol officers have made more than 500 arrests of gang members.

    On Thursday, it was the narcotics division’s turn. Narcotics officers have spent months building drug cases against gang members.

One thing disturbed us though:
  • Some of the officers wore bandanas to hide their faces because they work undercover.
Seriously? Why are we using UCO's to do busts? And the bandanas? Call us crazy, but that seems very....Third World-ish? Aren't those what the "death squads" wear in Brazil, Mexico or some other backwater shithole? We're so shorthanded, we're risking exposing the UCO's who do a lot of the necessary footwork to make cases that will stick in court. That's just silly in our opinion.

In the end, eight of the twenty-plus targets were arrested.

Circumventing Rahm

  • Chicago Teachers Union officials want to make their case directly to aldermen to counter the blitz Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration has undertaken to institute a longer school day.

    Union president Karen Lewis sent out letters to aldermen Wednesday, inviting them to attend one of three private meetings at a Loop hotel Monday to “share our vision for Chicago’s public school educators and students.”

And they've got a few takers already:
  • Ald. Nicholas Sposato, 36th, said it will be helpful for the teachers union to explain their position directly to him and his colleagues at the Monday meetings.

    “I think teachers have gotten vilified lately,” said Sposato, a Chicago firefighter who supports a longer school day. “Somehow or another, things got twisted around about this.”

    Ald. Timothy Cullerton, 38th, said a longer day is a good idea, but trying to implement it school-by-school is not the right way to go about it. “It’s just how we implement it and what we do with these extra minutes. . . .I don’t agree we should entice one school against another school,” Cullerton said.

We'll have to see how this plays out.

One Bullet?

  • Administrators were searching lockers and X-raying backpacks at a west suburban high school this evening after a live round of ammunition was found in the school this morning.

    A staff member at St. Charles North High School found the bullet in a common area of the school, 255 Red Gate Road, at about 9:30 a.m., but officials would not disclose any additional details about its size or exact location. The school’s roughly 2,000 students were placed on lockdown at noon, then sent home about 15 minutes later. All after-school activities also were canceled.

    “Obviously we take those things very seriously and worry about the safety of our students,” School District 303 Supt. Don Schlomann said.

We'd say the kids there learned a very important lesson today - if you're missing a homework assignment or maybe you have a test you didn't study for or you just aren't feeling up for another dreary day of school, drop a live round or two where a teacher will find it and then let the insanity begin.

The Squeaky Wheel gets the Greece

Greece has lost stability and can't-roll their bond debt. With private 'not-so-fond holders' losing patience and starting to see their positions unravel, we hear squawking, balking, lots of talking and most crippling a debt based solution. Were you ever asked to clean up your room as a child?  Me too, gald-dang-it.  Anyway, I remember thinking, "if I let my room get so messy, eventually the big boss will step in and bail me out...for certainly me at 7 can't be expected to take on a mess of this magnitude."  Eventually, while I laid in my mess I called " Help me Merkel!", no, wait..."Mom, Help!".  The Greece politicians ought to put a tail to their behind and stick it between their legs as a discrete sign of abjection.  They should be leading, and they are being children letting the mess get so bad then bellow for help.  The problem is, in this case Mommy-Merkel is solving the messy room crisis by adding more debt-mess to it, thinking that will ease the pain and buy time to solve problems.  Provision is not bailouts and forced austerity on the entitlement ridden politicians and rioters of Greece anymore then democracy is provision for Iraq.  I wanted a clean room AND playtime on Nintendo. My positions were incompatible.  If mommy cleaned my room and let me play Nintendo, I would follow suit in that lifestyle and sadly would have demanded entitlement and lacked that discipline. Thank you mommy for keeping me on the straight and narrow.  Provision is in learning that debt beyond means is not the governments jurisdiction, that entitlement sounds nice, but comes at a price. Riots is a fairly direct form of feedback Merkel. The attitudes that got them into the mess are still running rampant: literally...
Aptopix Greece Riots

Take the cue Ero-zone politicians. Pool your resources together and break the entitlement culture in one shot. Make them clean up their own room.  I kicked, screamed and fought mommy...and when she turned off Nintendo, I freaked! But she was right. Today I am thankful for the short term pain and a clean room. Thanks Mom.

Guilty as Charged

  • A Cook County jury tonight convicted a reputed gang member charged in the 2009 murder of a Chicago police officer.

    After deliberating for nearly 2 1/2 hours, the jury found Shawn Gaston, 22, guilty of first-degree murder and attempted murder in the fatal shooting of Officer Alejandro “Alex” Valadez, 27.

    The verdict was read about 9:06 p.m. in a courtroom packed with Valadez's family, friends and fellow officers.

    Gaston, wearing a black button-down shirt and with his dreadlocks in a ponytail, watched without expression as the jurors filed into the courtroom before delivering the verdict. He looked at his family after the verdict was read, his expression unchanged.

    Many of Valadez's relatives were crying softly throughout Wednesday's closing arguments. Their sobbing became louder after the verdict was read, and they hugged and cried in the hallway as people filed out of the courtroom.

    A short time later, Valadez's sister Brenda, who is also a Chicago police officer, told a group of reporters that her family is happy Gaston was convicted but is still devastated by her brother's killing. The pain is worst, she said, when she thinks about her brother's son.

    “My nephew, who was born three months after my brother was murdered, will never know what his daddy's hugs and kisses feel like,” Brenda Valadez said, surrounded by her parents, Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez, and dozens of other relatives and police officers.

    “His daddy will not be there on his first day of school. His daddy will not be there to cheer him at T-ball or guide him through life and share all those wonderful memories that wonderful and loving fathers share with their sons.”

Sentencing should be held on 28 October, and we're sure a good showing on that day would be appreciated by the family also.

UPDATE: Post moved from 2300 hours last night to current top spot.

Rahm's War Continues

Rahm opens a third front in his war (teachers and public safety being the first two):
  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Wednesday he will no longer tolerate “cannibalizing” rodent control, tree-trimming and other housekeeping services because of a pattern of absenteeism on Mondays and Fridays in the city’s third-largest department.

    One day after releasing attendance records he claims show a pattern of abuse by Streets and Sanitation employees seeking to extend their weekends, Emanuel explained why he shined the light on garbage collection crews and plans to do the same “department by department.”

    “Information, in the past, was held among the few and this was accepted practice. Go ahead. You can be sick on a regular basis on Monday and Friday. You can also play the game, look at the contract, figure out how to game the system,” the mayor said.

And once again, the few are going to ruin it for the many:
  • He told them that abuse by a “few bad apples” had forced an unacceptable level of cutbacks in rodent control and tree-trimming services. And he warned the ward superintendents who supervise garbage collection crews that, if they fail to “manage it tightly” and come down hard on chronic abusers, they will be “held accountable.”

    Earlier this week, the city released 13-months of attendance records that, Emanuel claims, show a pattern of abuse. The stats show roughly 6.6 percent of the workforce has unscheduled absences on Mondays, compared to 4.5 percent on Thursdays and 5 percent on Fridays.

    Lou Phillips, business manager of Laborers Union Local 1001, countered that those same records underscore his argument that Emanuel’s earlier claim of a 33 percent daily absenteeism rate was exaggerated by lumping together employees who call in sick with those on duty disability and restricted duty.

Again, if there are abuses, address them. But what this "scorched earth" policy of Rahm's is going to lead to, no one has any idea.

Useless Study

  • A trial program to analyze and hopefully reduce youth shootings in two of the city’s most violent neighborhoods was endorsed today by a City Council committee.

    The Chicago Youth Shooting Review would look at all shootings, fatal or otherwise, involving people under 21 in the 11th District on the city’s West Side and the 4th District on the Southeast Side, said Commissioner Evelyn Diaz, who runs the city’s Family and Support Services Department.

    The effort “could make our neighborhoods safer and improve the quality of life for all Chicagoans, especially for Chicago’s school-age young people,” Diaz said.

How about crippling poverty, combined with a broken family structure, nurtured by a thriving drug trade and abetted by a complete lack of personal responsibility to anything resembling a civil society = rampant crime.

How many millions did we just save? Give us 10% and we'll call it even.

A Boatload of Bad Ideas

  • With the mayor and City Council preparing to begin the annual budget process next month, city Inspector General Joe Ferguson has suggested a host of revenue-generating and cost-saving ideas, including a city income tax and toll booths on Lake Shore Drive.

    But Mayor Rahm Emanuel said higher taxes and charging tolls on Lake Shore Drive are non-starters, although some of Ferguson’s dozens of other ideas are worth a closer look.

Throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. So what are they looking at?
  • In a statement Tuesday afternoon, Emanuel – who must present his budget plan next month – said several of Ferguson’s ideas are “promising” and will be given serious consideration. But the mayor said “raising property taxes, income taxes or the sales taxes is off the table. And asking drivers on Lake Shore Drive to pay a toll is also a non-starter.”
A good start.
  • Ferguson’s report also suggests imposing a $5 London-style congestion fee on for driving in the downtown area during rush hours. The fee would be collected in an area bounded roughly from North Avenue south to the Stevenson Expressway, and from Halsted Street east to Lake Michigan, although it extends as far west as Ashland Avenue between Lake Street and the Eisenhower Expressway.
We would definitely start looking into buying parking garages just outside those borders then.
  • In addition, Ferguson also suggests creating a 1 percent Chicago city income tax, much as New York City imposes, for new revenues of $500 million per year. In suggesting the tax, Ferguson’s report points out that the State of Illinois increased its income tax to 5 percent last year, but froze the amount distributed to municipal governments, thus effectively reducing the percentage of the tax that cities receive.

    But such a tax might also prompt people to move away. The report conceded that it might lead city residents to move to the suburbs to avoid the tax.

Gee, you think? People are already fleeing the city in droves. You think they need another reason to go?
  • Ferguson also suggested an income tax for non-Chicago residents who work in the city, which he said is done in Philadelphia, Cleveland and Detroit.

    Oak Lawn resident Jack Cummings said “I don’t think that’s right. … We need to work somewhere. We’re coming here to work. I don’t think you should tax us. We’re already paying to come down here. We’re paying to eat. We’re paying to do our jobs. I don’t think that’s right.”

    Taxing suburbanites is the goal of several options presented by Inspector General Joe Ferguson.

    “Folks from the suburbs come in and work in the city, take their money back home, come back into the city so they can enjoy high cultural events or otherwise,” Ferguson said. “So who bears the burden for the cost of the roads and the lights and the police protection and all that sort of stuff?”

Wow. Maybe no one has told Ferguson, but the suburbs are developing or have developed "high culture" events for the past twenty years or so. And have you noticed the newest multiplex theaters? Mostly in the suburbs. Big name music acts? Excluding the giant "stadium acts" like U2, they've been hitting the suburban venues for years to avoid Chicago's onerous labor rules and excessive tax rate. And as Illinois is shedding jobs and has an unemployment rate among the highest in the nation, any additional tax burden will cause employers to shut down operations here.

Democrats - always with the "higher taxes will solve everything" mantra.

Save Dalton From Himself, And Ontario

Funny Video: (unless your a Liberal)

Dad, you owe me 50 bucks!  You quipped, "I bet ya Dalton will never tell the truth, he's just a liar".  Ha! I won.
Dad, it's time to pony up! Dalton's exact quote from the video, "Whell, the polls tell us I'mmmmm not the most popular guy in the country." Dalton also says, "What Ontario has achieved these past 8 years is nothing short of amazing" Again, Dalton NAILS the issue.  Any reasonable person would agree it's amazing to seek re-election after showing a 250 billion debt.

Don't you love when government parachutes in to save you from yourself? Ya, I thought so.  The Left has code words for this extract and rescue mission: fairness, compassion, togetherness and equality.  Don't be fooled by word magic, just look at the results.

Mr. McGuinty, overlooking your spending addiction and bragging about accomplishments is crazy, no really, seriously. Our debt is about 250 of these 1 billion dollar displays.  IRL, crazy.
 Can someone (gently and non-violently) give this guy's head a shake? Then a nuggie? And if your on that kind of roll, would ya blow through one ear and give me some feedback if any draft comes out the other side?  I'll pay you 50 bucks if you get a video of all 3.
Perhaps a cruel joke would be to force him to run his family budget with the same principles he governed Ontario with.  Well, its cruel if your a bleeding lefty trying to shelter him from consequences. But people of wisdom know that does not serve in the long run. Perhaps it would be a good wake up call for Mr. McGuinty to feel the pain of his spending addiction on a personal budget level. Who am I kidding? He won't sober up, therefore please Ontario, help Mr. McGuinty hit rock bottom. He needs it: for his benefit and ours.

Is There A Logical Answer?

Why does the NDP make a big deal about 'womens choice' when it comes to abortion, but not the workforce? Down with affirmative action. Unprincipled hypocrisy.

How do you see it? I defer to your wisdom below.

Here IS Canada's Answer To Poverty. Humility Test, Can We Do It?

The federal government should make a billion-dollar investment to eradicate the root causes of poverty, or face billions more in ongoing expenses, a new report says.Poverty costs taxpayers more than $24 billion a year, said the report, which was released Wednesday from a federal government advisory board, the National Council of Welfare. 
Thankfulness. What a powerful cure for poverty.
Learn our value. What a powerful cure for poverty.
Accepting reality and moving forward, without being a victim, but a victor. Wow.
Not Quitting. Finishing Strong.
Get this guy in here speaking to anyone who lacks anything!

Closing Arguments Today - Maybe

Trials are iffy things, but this is the latest:
  • UPDATE! The state rested today after showing the video tape confession. The defense had 5 of his possible 15 witnesses on the stand today so we are hoping that closing arguments will be tomorrow! Court will resume at 0930 hrs in room 400. The judge DID address the courtroom today and stated that any officers attending tomorrow please cover up their uniform. Nobody will be allowed to stand and seats are on a first come first serve basis. Once again, thanks to all who have been attending, and hope you can make it tomorrow. Please keep those prayers coming!! Thank you. Brenda-
Bright and early to get seats. Bring a cover shirt. Yesterday's testimony went very well for the State:
  • Shawn Gaston was under arrest in the drive-by shooting of a Chicago police officer two years ago when he repeatedly denied he had been in the alleged getaway car — a vehicle owned by his mother.

    But Detective John Foster said he knew that was a lie.

    Testifying Tuesday at Gaston's murder trial, Foster said he confronted the suspect at Wentworth Area headquarters with a key piece of evidence: a traffic citation with Gaston's name on it.

    The ticket, left on the front seat of his mother's Pontiac, showed Gaston had been behind the wheel when he was pulled over just hours before Officer Alejandro "Alex" Valadez was fatally shot.

    "And that's when he changed his story," Foster testified.

    Prosecutors said Gaston, now 22, eventually admitted in a videotaped statement that he was out for revenge after he and other reputed gang members had been fired on early on June 1, 2009.
That one is going to be hard to refute.

Back on Google?

Lots of advice and explanations and even a visit from Google themselves checking out what may have gone on a week or two ago.

If you search for "second city cop" on Google now, we appear in the top spot once again. We have no idea what happened. One day, we were on their results pages, the next day we had disappeared. We checked the various settings and altered a few as people advised and we'll see what appears and doesn't over the next few days.

Here's the thing - we never changed those settings in the first place. We've spent six years doing this, built up a decent following and created a fan base. This isn't some "flash in the pan" endeavor - our numbers have steadily risen every year and we've relied on word of mouth and other websites to grow, not gimmicks or plants or "google-bombing." We, with the help of each of our readers and commentators, built this place. Why would anyone, cop, citizen, media member or Google employee think we'd change a thing? That would be stupid to mess with what's worked for us here for six years. Maybe a glitch of some sort, but a deliberate action on our part? That would be beyond stupid.

We've taken a few other precautions as well. But thanks to everyone who e-mailed links, suggestions, hints, clues, and wrote to the media and Google themselves. We'll see how this shakes out.

NYPD Can Shoot Down Aircraft?

That is like totally awesome!
  • The New York City Police Department possesses the capability to shoot down any type of aircraft if the city experiences a 9/11-type of attack in which commercial airliners or other aircraft are used as Kamikazes.

    Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told CBS TV news program 60 Minutes that the force had the “device and training” for such an attack and “would have some means to take down a plane in an extreme situation."

    Police sources later admitted the NYPD owns a Barrett .50 caliber machine gun, which is fitted to a police helicopter for extra security such as when a U.S. president visits the city. The .50 caliber is used in Iraq and Afghanistan mounted on U.S. military Humvees and helicopters.

So while Chicago prepares to de-fund and mothball its helicopter Unit, New York is mounting .50 caliber machine guns to theirs. If they ever made this into a TV show, we imagine it be exactly like this:

And Chicago? Probably similar to this one:

Quick Action Saves a Life

  • Two Chicago Police officers are being considered for life-saving awards after they pulled a man out of a burning van early Saturday on the Near West Side, officials said.

    “They were in the right place at the right time,” said their supervisor, Monroe District Capt. Hootan Bahmandeji. “If they weren’t there, this guy probably would have died.”

    Monroe District officers Ken Carlyon and Monica Perez saw the flames, rushed over, and pulled a 31-year-old South Side man early Saturday out of a burning Chevrolet Express van that crashed into a median at Morgan and Harrison. The man suffered smoke inhalation but declined to be taken to a hospital, Bahmandeji said.

Nice job officers. On a related note, what ever happened to that "fire extinguisher pilot program"? Doesn't that seem like something that ought to be standard issue in squad cars?

NDP Looks For Feminists, Leaving Men At The End Of The Pecking Order

“I would love to see a woman candidate. I would love to see a youth candidate, or heck — a youthful woman candidate. But what I think is more important are that certain values are embodied,” Leslie said Wednesday. “So, I am looking for a leadership candidate who is a feminist, who is youthful. I think Jack Layton was both of those things and as we know he wasn’t necessarily young or a woman, so I think it is possible.”  Atta Girl go girl!

It seems the NDP are passionately interested in manufacturing. Too bad it's a very unproductive sector: affirmative action.

Oh the drama from the crusaders of justice: solve some real problems.

Question: If the NDP published the following on their website, how would you react? "Dear fellow Canadians, we believe in equality for women and have taken action: we have lined all candidates up at the starting line: men and women.  The same rules apply to all leadership candidates.  When the gun fires, all candidates will run towards the prize with the one crossing the line being the victor! For equality lies not in us holding the woman's hand across the line, or giving 'winner prizes' to all contestants, but in giving equal rules to men and women and let the cream rise to the top."

Affirmative action should be to woman what Palestinian Statehood is to the Nation of Israel.
Who will join my group? "Handholding is for date-night, not progress in politics! Stop insulting women and and join me! Down with affirmative action!"

Where Did We Go?

You can find almost anything you want on the internet via search engines. We don't understand all the dynamics behind it, but the big companies have specially designed "web crawlers" that scan billions of pages and categorize them according to popularity, providing users with wanted information.

Google is the biggest of these search engines, generating some $10 billion in revenue annually. The company and its founders are very liberal in their politics and donations. They've also run into criticisms, mostly from conservative sites, that they manipulate and hide data and have a decidedly anti-American bent to their main search page. Witness earlier this month on Labor Day where they placed a tiny American flag at the bottom of their site. All well and good except that they have huge interactive banners for all sorts of nonsense anniversaries (you can see them at this link here). They also caved into Chinese demands concerning their programming (The Great Firewall of China) and may have assisted in identifying "subversives" that Chinese authorities subsequently jailed.

Why do we bring this up?

Well, for some reason, if you type "Second City Cop" or "Second City Cop Blog" in a Google search box, guess what you don't get? If you said, "A link to this site," you'd be completely correct. In fact, we googled both phrases and couldn't find a direct link to this site in the first 50 results at all. Yes, there were mentions of the blog, but they were secondary links from other sites, like The Chicagoist, HillBuzz, Crimefile, Shaved, assorted news sites and pretty much anyone who has linked back to us over the past 6 years. Just last week, those first few pages were filled with direct links to SecondCityCop.

So what gives? This appears to be a concerted effort by someone to minimize the significance of the blog. We have no idea why a $10 billion-a-year company that purports to deliver information to the masses would take it upon themselves to blacklist a site that pulls in maybe 15,000 hits a day on a good day, but we can only assume that they have. Are we pissing off Rahm that much? Is Garry calling in favors? Has the wrath of J-Fled finally reached a peak that he can control the internet?

Backtracking a bit, it may have started around the time we supported Georgia's execution of a convicted cop killer - is this an example of Google's chilling effect on those of a more conservative bent? We support Second Amendment Rights and are avid fans of the NRA and like minded organizations. Could this have something to do with our political views?

We have no answers at this point, and no easy way to gather any. Maybe some of our readers want to poke around. We aren't going to hold our breath that the media might make something of this - they'd never lift a finger to help a blogger, let alone a conservative one. And Google is a private company that has caved in to Communist China. We don't particularly care as this doesn't affect us financially and our readers are smart enough to find us using competing search engines like Yahoo or Bing or something else. We still appear there in the top spots.

Hiring Sheriffs

  • For the first time in three years, a new class of Cook County sheriff's police recruits will start training for open slots in a move that top officials hope will fill the department's depleted ranks.

    The new class of 25 officers, which includes existing courtroom deputies and jail guards, is part of a plan by Sheriff Tom Dart to fill a hole of about 50 police officers. They begin their training today on the campus of Triton College in River Grove, sheriff's officials announced.

    Dart's plan to allow his deputies and jail guards the chance to shift jobs arose from his inability to secure funding to hire.

So Dart is pulling a Rahm here - he's calling them "recruits" when in fact, they are existing courtroom deputies and jail guards being retreaded as street officers.

In other news, Rahm is counting these as "50 more officers on the street," bringing him within striking distance of his campaign promise of 1,000.

What the Bears Saw

After watching the Bears game, we suspected that Death was a Packer fan:

This is actually a billboard outside of Lambeau Field touting the dangers of cheese. You can read the story here if you're interested, but we suspect this might be a harbinger of the NFC Central Division this year. A lot depends on Detroit - and we can't believe we just typed that....Detroit?

Shooting Monday Morning

  • Chicago police were involved in a shooting this morning on the West Side, but no one was hurt, police said.

    The incident happened at about 4:15 a.m. near the intersection of Polk Street and Cicero Avenue in the Lawndale neighborhood, police said.

    Prior to the shooting there had been an armed robbery about a block south of the intersection in which money was taken from a woman on the street at gunpoint....

    An officer spotted a car that matched the description of the vehicle involved in the robbery and did a traffic stop. As the officer approached the car, the driver drew a handgun and pointed it at the officer.
Once again, it seems like we see these stories in the media two and three times a week lately. Does anyone have comparisons to last years stats of shootings and aggravated assaults on the police?

Ozzie Done

  • Beginning this morning, the silence on the South Side will be more deafening than golden, as an organization that worked so long to become relevant is once again faceless.

    Monday night ended the eight-year run of Ozzie Guillen managing the White Sox after the say-anything skipper met with board chairman Jerry Reinsdorf at the United Center earlier in the day. The meeting lasted about a half hour and ended with the two men who have enjoyed a father-and-son relationship saying a tearful goodbye. The Sun-Times learned before the game against the Blue Jays that Guillen and Reinsdorf agreed to part ways, with a trade to the Florida Marlins still in the works.

    The Sox confirmed the news after the Sox’ 4-3 victory. Guillen leaves behind 678 wins, as well as delivering the franchise’s first World Series title after an 88-year dry spell.

Loud, brash, obnoxious, arrogant, foul-mouthed. He steered the team to just about the only World Series title in living memory and Chicago loves a winner. He won more than he lost, but just barely. He was also a very visible supporter of the Police Memorial. We follow the fall sports more than the boys of summer so we aren't really a good judge of Ozzie as a baseball manager.

Good luck where ever you land Ozzie.

Mr. Colbert: The Champion-Hero Of Truthism

The Genius-left's never ending pursuit of truth has a nifty wedge they are trying to drive: the Christian 'right' against a 'left-leaning' Jesus. For centuries the concept of 'free will' has baffled both skeptics and can a loving God permit evil? The 'good' of free will is greater then the elimination of free will and the subsequent ending of evil.  (This entry accepts as basic that a loving God deems free will greater then no free will, without terrible and horrific as evil is.)
Free will is a privilege, something I am thankful for and believe God has given me: not government.  Therefore, certain rights and freedom's I believe are given from God, not man. I am free to think, raise a family and worship God. I am free to own property and keep the fruit of my labor.

These freedoms which I have been endowed with I do not take lightly, especially when I see left leaning politics, (in the name of Jesus) try to communicate to me how I should give more to a government in the name of 'compassion'.  This quote by uber-left Mr. Colbert illustrates such a point (given the 'Christian rights' resistance to more government spending).  America is the most generous nation on the planet. This is fairly well documented.  The personal giving above and beyond being over-taxed shows the 'Christian Generosity' Mr. Colbert seems to be ignoring in his tee-hee, ha, ha, not funny comment.
  • Fortysix percent of all poor households actually own their own homes. The average home owned by persons classified as poor by the Census Bureau is a three bedroom house with oneandahalf baths, a garage, and a porch or patio.
  • Seventysix percent of poor households have air conditioning. By contrast, 30 years ago, only 36 percent of the entire U.S. population enjoyed air conditioning.
  • Only 6 percent of poor households are overcrowded. More than twothirds have more than two rooms per person.
  • The average poor American has more living space than the average individual living in Paris, London, Vienna, Athens, and other cities throughout Europe. (These comparisons are to the average citizens in foreign countries, not to those classified as poor.)
  • Nearly threequarters of poor households own a car; 30 percent own two or more cars.
  • Ninetyseven percent of poor households have a color television; over half own two or more color televisions.
  • Seventyeight percent have a VCR or DVD player; 62 percent have cable or satellite TV reception.
  • Seventythree percent own microwave ovens, more than half have a stereo, and a third have an automatic dishwasher.

I agree that real religion is meeting others needs in deed.  My blog is entitled "compassion in action" not "compassion on hold" or "compassion for later...but not now".
I agree we need to demonstrate our values of loving others by how we act.
However, I do not want this truth (demonstration our actions of love to meet others genuine need) to conflict with other truths.  Truth does not contradict can't.

Here are some principles that lead me to my current thinking, and how they balance towards being a 'more conservative guy' then a loving-liberal.

I believe in personal responsibility, not collectivist's collecting my money and redistributing it for me.  There are consequences to choices. If mommy says, "don't spend your allowance on candy" and Jimmy does just that...does Sally owe half the interest from her bank account to Jimmy, because Sally has and Jimmy does not?  If mental or physical limitations prevent people from fairing under this principle, then we have a different case, and such 'analogies' do not apply, nor defeat my point.  Meeting needs with the mentally and physically able comes in different forms, but the key is that it should be done through relationship and a generous heart.

I believe The Bible teaches us to love our neighbor.  In a key parable, Jesus taught the neighbor is one who we come into contact with, who's need we both see and can meet, and took personal responsibility in meeting and following up with.  Each element of what I said is clearly shown as basic within the parable.  Therefore, I desire to give, but where 1. I come into direct contact with someone having a need 2. who's need I can meet.  and 3. God loves a cheerful giver!  So, I enjoy giving!  But that's the key. I enjoy giving...not: I enjoy giving my money to the government where they give out to those they see fit.  That is not compassion...that is extraction and forced leveling of the playing field: a principle opposed in scripture.   Compassion is when we see a need and meet it out of our generous heart and ability.  Our choice ought to govern where the money goes.  This way, there is an undercurrent of both relationship and accountability that carries on with the giving. This is something that blesses people and is seriously lacking with government programs.  Liberals are right: we need to step up and love people.  Forced giving does not do much.  Look at 'equality created through forced giving' left policy...and see how each country is fairing.  Not so witty when taken in context Mr. Colbert...but you are the Champion-Hero Of Truthism, I know you will think of something else!

The idea that Jesus wants you to give more money to the government to meet the needs of the people is ridiculous.
I am learning to be faithful, take responsibility, make better choices, honor authority, serve with excellence, improve communication, getting over the hurts of the past knowing they do not determine my future, learning to relate better and a host of other things.  We are called to learn and grow in the context of building relationships and being generous. Pouring the money into government coffers has the opposite affects building relationships have.  Government giving breeds entitlement! I am owed! That is my right to get something for free! Um, no says the real world.  The real world call's that coveting.  And don't make me show you another picture of Greece riots demanding more more more for nothing, nothing, nothing! We are not entitled to a list of government disbursed free living items because we are people of compassion meeting needs.  What a killer  of personal responsibility and true compassion!  Have those people with 'needs' connect with loved ones, charities and organizations: build relationships, serve, learn and grow...sooner then later, more individuals will be further inspired to 'get in on the action' and there would be less government, more personal responsibility and more needs met: truly that makes more sense, and dollars. 

How to Bankrupt a Fund

  • As Chicago's 1991 municipal elections approached, Mayor Richard M. Daley was consolidating power for his first re-election campaign. In Springfield, two state senators — Daley's brother John and his political ally Jeremiah Joyce — introduced a "shell bill," an empty vessel into which lawmakers later would stuff an astonishing public pension giveaway to Chicago union officials.

    That pension giveaway was among more than 100 provisions eventually added to the shell bill, but never debated by either chamber of the General Assembly. Instead, 10 members of a bicameral "conference committee" that evidently never held a meeting shaped the legislation to achieve their political goals. By the time the heavily larded bill was ready for passage by the two chambers, another Chicago Democrat, state Sen. Emil Jones, assured his colleagues that the bill wasn't controversial. "These provisions incorporated within this bill have been agreed to by the (city) administration and the pension system and the laborers," Jones told his Senate colleagues the day the bill passed in January 1991. "The people in the city of Chicago came together and agreed."

You want to know the who, how and why that Illinois is on the verge of fiscal collapse, it isn't the unions doing it. It's the union leadership.
  • Twenty years later, as the Tribune and WGN-TV reported last week, 23 retired union officials from Chicago stand to collect about $56 million from two ailing city pension funds, thanks to the 1991 law. More union officials evidently are in the pipeline to receive the lavish benefits included in that legislation.

    Sure enough, two days after the pension changes passed the Legislature — departing Gov. James Thompson signed it into law — the city's unions lined up to endorse Mayor Daley's re-election campaign. He would serve another 20 years with organized labor's support and acquiescence.

Go read the entire thing. It'll answer a lot of questions and open a lot of eyes.

Valadez Trial Moved

The latest from Brenda Valadez:
  • First of all, SCC, thank you for all of your posts regarding the trial and for keeping everyone up to date. Secondly, I did hear from an officer that a Sgt informed him that he had to cover up before walking into the court room. That was the first I heard of it and I never heard it come directly from the judge and nobody from the states attorney's office that is working with my family ever mentioned anything like that to us. So I honestly do not know where it came from. After seeing the "tactics" of the defense attorney, I am just going to assume that the reason is so that in the future, this defense attorney doesn't play dirty and want a mistrial stating that the jury were "intimidated" by the officers (as ridiculous as that may sound to us). Even my family and I have to be careful while we are in there. Of course, nobody can tell us NOT to cry or have any emotion, but if we feel that we are going to break down, we are asked to leave the court room and that is also so that the defense doesn't say that we "tainted" the jury or distracted the jury, etc.

    At this time, we just want everything to go smoothly and not give the defense any opportunity to declare a mistrial or use anything against us. I do feel horrible because I was the one that asked if all officers could please show up in their uniforms! I hope you now understand! And I don't believe that any officer was not allowed inside the court room.

    On the first day, once all the benches were taken up, people were allowed to stand against the wall. That was the only day people were allowed to stand. If an officer or any person is not allowed in it's because there are no seats available. As soon as somebody walks out, the next person waiting in the hallway is allowed to come into the court room. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused but I am grateful for all who wait patiently in the hallway. Last but certainty not least, I want to thank everyone who has been attending. I know that with work, school, children, etc it is difficult but thanks to the ones that show up, even if for a couple of minutes.

    Mr Wortham has attended every single day and he is there first thing in the morning and walks out in the evening with us! It truly means the world to us considering we know what this man has gone through! Mrs. Flisk and her daughter have also attended. Unfortunately, I cannot mention every single name as there have been so many people there from the Superintendent, FOP members and countless officers, but please know that we are so grateful for each and every one of you and your support. YOU truly give us the strength to walk into that court room every day and be in the same room as the defendant! And for those who cannot attend, please do not worry about it, as all we ask for are prayers! THANK YOU!!

    Brenda Valadez-

    Please note that there has been a court room change. Beginning tomorrow we will be in court room 400. We were asked to be there at 1030 so I'd say it will start at 1100. If all goes as planned, the state will rest on Tuesday.
UPDATE: Post corrected for spelling

Welcome Back Anthony!

We heard they held a "Welcome Back" party over in the County Jail for this idiot when he came back:
  • A former death row inmate who was exonerated days before execution was arrested Friday, accused of stealing deodorant from a South Side Walgreens.

    Anthony Porter's 1999 release from prison was key to Illinois ending the death penalty this year.

    The Chicago Tribune reports the 56-year-old was arrested and charged with retail theft. He's been ordered held on $10,000 bail.

    Porter served 17 years for a 1982 double murder before evidence surfaced he was innocent, thanks to the work of a Northwestern University professor and his students. At one point in 1998, he was just 48 hours shy of execution when attorneys won a stay by raising concerns about his mental competence at trial.
A professor who has since been fired and whose e-mails have been subpoenaed by the State in regard to how "evidence" was obtained we might point out.

We also recall that one of the alleged "confessions" given to the Northwestern U people has itself been recanted, even as it was used to free a death row inmate. Does anyone know if it was the Porter-related "confession"?

Rahm's Bike Insanity

Now wonder Rahm wants to bust up all the unions. This guy has plans:
  • In 1897, mayoral candidate Carter H. Harrison II successfully campaigned as "the cyclists' champion." Bike-riding mayor Richard M. Daley expanded on-street marked bike lanes to 115 miles in his 22 years in office.

    Emanuel plans to outdo both Daley and other bike-friendly U.S. cities.

    In four years, he wants to create 100 miles of protected bike paths -- not just painted lines on the street but paths separated from car traffic by posts or other dividers. By next summer, he wants the city's first large-scale bike-sharing program, starting with 3,000 bikes.

And the cost? Mere pennies:
  • The full 100 miles of bike paths could come in at around $28 million, with a half mile already done and getting heavy use. The city has applied for federal clean air funding, and is combining bike path construction with other projects, like resurfacing.
Hundreds of miles of bike paths....but no yuppies sticking around to use them.

Cell Phones Are Dangerous

  • Talking on a cell phone turned out to be the first of many charges lodged against an Englewood motorist who rammed a squad car — injuring a police officer — and fled the scene on the Near North Side early Sunday.

    During a hearing Sunday, Judge Adam Bourgeois ordered Don Shedrick held on $30,000 bond, according to a Cook County Criminal Court clerk. Shedrick is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing on Wednesday, according to the clerk.

    Shedrick, 44, was behind the wheel of a 1999 Mercury Marquis at 3:15 a.m a. when police spotted him talking on a cell phone while driving near Oak and Clark streets, according to police News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli.

Then the electromagnetic waves emanating from the phone drove him nuts!
  • “He rammed the Mercury into the squad car, causing the squad car to hit a parked vehicle at 300 W. Institute Pl.,’’ said Mirabelli. One officer in the squad car he rammed was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening.

    But Shedrick continued to flee while other assisting officers gave chase. While in the 800 block of North Sedgwick Avenue, he exited the car and began running away on foot, but officers caught him, said Mirabelli.

    Shedrick, of the 7700 block of South Laflin Street, was charged with aggravated fleeing while causing injury and leaving the scene of an accident involving injury, the officer said. Both charges are felonies. He was also cited with driving while using a cell phone, damage to public property, driving on a revoked license and driving without insurance.

Or he was just a Grade-A asshole. Cops are OK though.

Underdogs Again

Packers favored by 3.5 to 4 points.

Division games are often tight, but all bets are off with the Pack in town.

We don't have a good feeling about this one.

Trigger Happy Cops

  • Gunshots were fired in the direction of Chicago police officers late this afternoon as they were breaking a up a fight in the South Side's Auburn Gresham neighborhood, police said.

    No officers were hurt, and none of them returned fire.

None? Not one? Where's all the praise for the restraint? The discipline? The conscientious effort on the part of the officers?
  • The officers responded to a call of a "battery in progress" about 5:20 p.m. near West 78th and South Ada Streets, about a block west of Saint Sabina Catholic Church, to break up a scuffle between a group of girls, police said.
Oh, it was by Pfather Pfleger's Pflock. No wonder no one is singing the praises of the police.

We'll just have to do it for them. Nice job officers.

Suburban Rumor

Anyone want to confirm this one?
  • FYI for PO's living around Norridge
    ODPO has a M/1 threaten him, PO identifies himself and POS threatens again.... PO places offender into custody, calls 911.
    Norridge PD arrive, PO asks if they could transport to a CPD facility, they call for a sgt. Sgt arrives, talks to offender and then tells the PO if ODPO arrests him, he will also be arrested because now the offender said the ODPO 'assaulted' him. Norridge Sgt then releases offender before he could even get a CPD supervisor there.....
    Nicely done Norridge....
Seems out there, but still....?

Money Not Collected

  • The City Council’s most powerful alderman suggested Friday that Chicago privatize the collection of city ambulance fees to raise a dismal 37.5 percent collection rate that has created a $50 million-a-year debt.

    Finance Committee Chairman Edward M. Burke (14th) described the ambulance fee debt as “low-hanging fruit” that would go a long way toward maintaining Chicago Fire Department operations at a time when Mayor Rahm Emanuel has demanded a 20 percent cut.

    “If private ambulance operators in Illinois can collect their fees, the Fire Department needs to investigate whether or not privatizing that function would be helpful. I’m not talking about a collection agency. That’s after-the-fact a year down the line. I’m talking about current collections,” Burke said.

But guess what Burke doesn't think is worth collecting?
  • As for Emanuel’s vow to wring $15 million in unpaid water bills from four impoverished suburbs — Harvey, Robbins, Dolton and Maywood — Burke essentially said, good luck.

    “How do you enforce collection? We can’t very well turn off their water so that the poor citizens out there can’t exist,” he said.

Um.....why not?

ComEd cuts off electric if you don't pay for it.

Peoples Gas (or whatever they call themselves nowadays) shuts off your gas if you don't pay them for it. In fact, they'll send out a crew to dig up the city street and shut off the gas at the curb if you circumvent their meters.

We noticed the other day that Shell, Mobil, BP and Citgo have stopped giving away free gasoline - you have to pay them for it or you don't get it.

We even read a story last year about a Fire Protection District that refused (that's right, REFUSED) to put out a fire in a private dwelling that wasn't part of their coverage area. They only showed up to make sure the fire didn't spread to neighbors who actually paid for the Fire Protection.

Shut off the water and make a judge enforce payment. The leeches are cheating Chicago taxpayers out of infrastructure we paid to create and maintain. What are Harvey, Robbins, Dolton and Maywood going to do? Invade?

Surprise! Money Wasted

This is ridiculous and rife with the potential to cost firefighters their lives:
  • The city has spent nearly $23 million on a new digital communications system that still doesn’t work after more than five years — a shortcoming back in the spotlight following a federal report that criticizes the Chicago Fire Department for not having enough radios during a December fire that killed two firefighters.

    Yet as costs mount and test after test fails, there is still no firm timeline on when the system will be up and running.

    “Sometime in 2012,” said Roderick Drew, a spokesman for the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications, when asked Friday how soon the 3,000 new radios would come online.
Ten years since 9/11 and we still can't talk to firefighters in the event of a disaster. Firefighters can't even talk to each other in many cases in the same building for pete's sake.

This is News?

Must have been a slow day:
  • An off-duty Chicago police officer shot and wounded a pit bull after it and another dog growled and advanced on him as he was getting out of his car Thursday night on the Near West Side, police said.

    The dogs' owner and his family said the dog that was shot about 8:20 p.m. and its sire were able to get out of the yard by pushing on the gate of the family yard in 700 block of South Claremont by the owner's grandson. The officer is a longtime neighbor of the owner's family.

    The officer told investigators he was getting out of his car when the two dogs came up and growled at him, said [...] a police spokesman. The officer retreated, but the growling continued and the dogs advanced on him...

Seriously? "Dog Bites Man" isn't a story, but "Cop Shoots Attacking Dog" is? We're sure the animal rights people are all up in arms over this - there are already about 100 comments at the Tribune sight, far more than we see when we end up shooting a two-legged dog with a pistol in his hand.

Blago Sentencing

  • Rod Blagojevich's lawyer, Sheldon Sorosky, said this afternoon that he's "quite certain" the ex-governor's sentencing will be delayed.

    "Our sentencing date is going to be continued," Sorosky said, when told of the news that U.S. District Judge James Zagel kept Cellini's Oct. 3 trial date intact and asked that prosecutors have witnesses ready for Oct. 5. Blagojevich's sentencing right now is scheduled for Oct. 6. "It's not going to happen, I'm telling you. It would taint the Cellini jury. I'm quite certain it will be continued."

When we read the first line, we thought for sure we were having some sort of "Sopranos" flashback and someone was going to whack Rod on the way to court.

Actually, that might not be too far fetched.

The State Will Rule You (Because You Can't Think For Yourself!)

Host a Bible Study, Get a Fine

San Juan Capistrano homeowners Chuck and Stephanie Fromm were fined $300 for holding a Bible study in their own home and were told by officials that ongoing gatherings of three or more people require a conditional use permit. The Fromms were warned that they would be fined $500 per meeting if they continued to hold the Bible studies.

"We not only have the First Amendment of the Constitution on our side, but we also have the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000, which we at the Pacific Justice Institute have used effectively on many, many cases."

In order for the left to get your money, they must first undermine the rights you have with your property, articulating your beliefs and the fruit of your labour. Rights of the individual always get put behind the 'collective group'.

"These are uncertain times for the global
economy. These are challenging times
for our families. This is our plan to help.
This is our way forward, together.”

That's right, we move forward together. Your results don't matter to you, as much as they matter to Mr. McGuinty.  He needs the success of the free market to drive his agenda of a 'everyone loves everyone, share the wealth Ontario'.  Undermining our property rights, free speech and earnings is a basic way the left seeks to use slight of hand to build the economy.

And on that note, how are we doing Mr. McGuinty?
Need more taxpayer dollars and more then the 200 billion debt to peruse your agenda of togetherness?

Typically not a good idea to undermine capital and the free markets, Mr. McGuinty. 
A warning for Captain Togetherness: if you execute your plan of government propped up economic growth, the economy will suffer. Be warned. If you tease and poke at the free market like you are proposing to do, she will leave us and go elsewhere...don't annoy her with your 'togetherness' talk: it will have the opposite impact you intend. 

The two issues discussed are connected: we need to fundamentally understand our property rights and hold fast to our convictions of liberty.  Standing on that podium, we declare that we own the fruit of our labour and no government can force me to give up my earnings for excessive 'togetherness-utopia' spending.
Enough is enough.


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