Greek Government Quislings Impose 3rd Round of Austerity Cuts=Libya Awaits

A tumultous couple of months has led to the Greek Troika of New Democracy, PASOK and Dimar (Democratic Left) passing a new round of cuts of which the pension age becomes 67, thousands are to be fired from the public sector and all pensions see a further 15% cut. The aim of the measures are nothing short of economic nationcide. Greeks are now a surplus by product of collapsing capitalism. They must be sacrificed for the needs of capital.

Despite 3 general strikes, mass protests against Merkel and teargas attack after teargas attack up to and including water cannons as well as using the latest geoengineering teachnology against protestors by creating heavy rainstorms to disperse crowds, the opposition to the new round of cuts is so intense that it led a Syriza MP (Panagoulis a relative of the famous one killed when he was about to open the Cyprus dossier in the mid-70's) to state that the Greek Quisling politicians who voted for the new round of cuts will end up having a fate like the US Ambassador in Libya!

There is no economic programme apart one of a collapse of the Greek nation state, its total privatisation and the firesale of its best assets to domestic cronies and foreign allies. The emphasis by the worlds media outlets and behind them the assorted fake left outfits that feed of the carcass of sold out union barons and state subsidies to parliamentary political parties is indicative. An enemy worse than the existing one is elevated to one of central importance to cover up what is happeing right in front of everybodys eyes. Extremism is now the centre and the so-called 'extremes' from fake right and fake left are actually reserved political forces that neither fight for power or challenge it in any dramatic fashion.

Despite gaining 27% in June, Syriza hasn't even held a national demo nor has it pushed for militant action to fight on the streets for power forcing the issue of the unemployed centre stage. Single MP's every now and again come out with fighting talk like Sakorafa MP who stated people should occupy the square and not leave till the 3rd MoU is defeated, but they left as soon as the first teargas volley was fired.

Whilst  the situation demands decisive action  as what we have is minority govt which in reality only has 103 MP's as the other 50 are bonus based on the Mussolini style electoral system, the incapacity of the Left to organise something more than the usual response of 24hour protest strikes to let off steam, implies that as months go by and the situation gets worse, they will lose any electoral momentum they gained, when in reality they could have used the electoral momentum to translate that on the streets. But they are part of the problem not the solution and as the situation disintigrates and it will continue to disintigrate as long as the leeches that go by the name of the Troika are in charge sucking the lifeblood out of any and all productive economic activity with a barage of tax hikes, job cuts, pension cuts, health and education cuts, with the purpose of reducing to zero any social safety net whatesoever. The concessions made by the post war ruling classes due to the fear of Russia and the arming of the populations of Europe is now long gone. What is left is the creation of an Asian sweatshop in the heart of Europe and instead of Greece becoming like Germany it is becoming more like Bangladesh.

The fools that rule assume the Troika aint going to burn Greece and because they pass cut after cut that  they are going to stabilise the economy when everyone knows it is in freefall. 25% GDP falls uneployment which the Greek TUC states will be 35% in one more year and prices continue to rise point inexorably to a popular insurrection despite and against the leaderships of the fake Left parties, who have abandoned even the old reformist programmes of their past (eg Less Work but Work for All, Exit from the EU etc). We have arrived in a situation where Greece now holds the cards for Default. Within international law they have the right to default if it affects the functioning of the state (seeing police, army and firefighters march indicate that no one is spared apart from the riot police) as this right was gained by Greece itself in 1936 and was used by Argentina when it defaulted in 2001. The cost of this Default for the Eurozone and the wider implications for the world economy are massive and no one can seriously predict what the outcome would be if such a default would occur. The only thing is that we getting closer and closer to that day.


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