McMoron Supports Thugs

This guy is the police?  Was the police?  He's from New York, right? They have crime there and everything?
  • Just saw McGuncontrol on WGN news this morning and I swear, I wanted to whip a brick at the TV after listening to this softball. Robin and Larry interviewed him about the recent gun law here in light of the shooting in Connecticut.

    He spouted off his usual bs statistic and stated how we have an overall reduced crime rate then advocated for stricter gun tracking and control. Robin responds by saying that since the 1982 Chicago gun ban, gun related crimes went up 41% and stated something to the effect that criminals will always find a way to get guns; law abiding citizens should be able to protect themselves. She asked him how do you respond to that- his reply: "Trayvon Martin is my response" and then continued to denounce the idea of armed people protecting themselves.

    WTF???? My fking jaw dropped I couldn't believe that he actually invoked some thug's name to use as his defense for disarming the good citizens who should be able to carry if they so desire. Just my opinion, but that case is still pending in court and when it's all said and done, they are going to find that Zimmerman was in his right to shoot because that pos was trying to beat him to death. But either way, how does a superintendent of police hide behind a case in which the argument of a justifiable homicide has not yet been determined to support his argument? McGoof must already believe that poor Trayvon was just an innocent victim- further solidifying the conclusion that this guy is really clueless and has no business on our department. Unreal!

 He actually says he believes that "too many guns" on the street led to Trayvon Martin getting shot to death.  Let's just throw up a photo or two here:

Those show us, and most sane readers that Zimmerman has been telling the truth since the first moment.  He was getting beaten, he did have face trauma from being punched, he did suffer serious head wounds from having his head pounded against the concrete and those wounds appear to be more than enough to support Zimmerman's story that he was about to lose consciousness during the  beating.  His being armed probably ended up saving his life.

But McTooManyGuns thinks Trayvon was the victim?  That Zimmerman defending himself is a problem?  That Zimmerman would have been perfectly OK waiting for the police to arrive while he was beaten to death?

This unmitigated ass is an embarrassment to every law enforcement official in the world.

UPDATE: Evidently, a number of under-educated ill informed morons have found their way to a computer and started posting the same nonsense that CNN has been trying to push since this incident began.  Zimmerman was a neighborhood watcher.  He saw someone suspicious and followed while calling for a police response.  When the unknown subject ran, he followed in order to keep the suspect in sight while still calling in his location.  He wasn't "stalking" the deceased.  Take your fantasy elsewhere.

And to the other mope, how about Trayvon's criminal record?  Your smearing the victim in this case is a typical liberal tactic.  We're sure you do the same to robbery and rape victims, too?

And the complete moron,who thinks Zimmerman should have "stood down" when ordered, and then makes this entire incident into a racial case against the blog?  None of these pics are photoshopped - they all come from mainstream media broadcasts and their websites.  It didn't fit in with their narrative, so they buried them for months in order to back prosecutor misconduct.  Oh that can't happen Mr. Vanecko?  Go away troll.


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